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Scheduled Publishing

Scheduled publishing offers users the chance to make edits to their webpage, then schedule when the edits will be published on the live site. This tutorial is an excellent tool for time-sensitive marketing campaigns, fundraising efforts, or periodical Sitecore upgrades and outages. Here you will learn how to implement scheduled publishing with examples from our famous Puppy Faces webpage!

  1. Find the page you wish to edit in the content tree. Click its name and it will open in the loading dock on the right-hand side, as usual. For our example, we will be editing the page Puppy Faces.
  2. At the top of the loading dock, click Lock and Edit
  3. In the upper right-hand corner of the loading dock you will see a very small box with a number and downward-pointing arrow. The number reflects which version of the webpage you are currently editing. 
  4. To add a new version, click on this box and a drop-down menu will appear. At the bottom of the drop-down menu you will see the words Add Version
  5. Click Add Version. A new version/copy of your webpage has now been created. Hover over the version number. It should reflect this new version by stating "Version X of Y". In our example, Puppy Faces now states "Version 1 of 2".
  6. Click on the version number, then click which version you would like to edit. (Now you edit your version like you would any other page in Sitecore. If you have any questions about this process, please refer to the Sitecore training materials.)
  7. Make the necessary edits to your webpage and be sure to click Save so that you don't lose your hard work. You can edit and save as many versions as you like and Sitecore will archive the different pages for you.  
  8. Click the Publish tab. Go the the Restrictions section, right beside Save in the tool bar. You will see a small globe with a clock on it that says Change. Click that.

  9. A new screen should pop up. Under the Versions tab will be a list of all the versions of your webpage.
  10. Now you will choose the date you would like this latest version of your page to go live on the website, and an end date for when you would like it removed. If you don't include an end date, the newest version will go unchanged until you create another version.

     Scheduled Publish
  11. Publishable From is the date you want your new version to be published on the live site. Publishable To

    is the date you want your new version to be taken down and replaced with the previous version. It is not necessary to assign a date for Publishable To if you would like your edits to remain on the webpage for an indefinite amount of time.

    If the drop box is blank, it means the date is indefinite until the next defined date. For example, version 1 of Adorable Puppy Mugs will be published from now until 4/30/2012. On 5/21/2012 version 2 of Adorable Puppy Mugs will be published, replacing version 1.

  12. After clicking on your preferred dates, click OK. Submit your work as usual to the workflow. If you are submitting multiple versions in one sitting and you mean for them to go out at different times, you must write these dates in the Notes box. This is due to the fact that we can't see the dates from our end.
  13. After it has been approved, your webpage will be published on the assigned date you chose.
  14. For new changes, please create a new version of your webpage and repeat the above steps.

Page last updated: 5/16/2013