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Setting Up Your Sitecore

We will walk you through the steps of properly logging in and setting up your Sitecore for easy use and peak functionality.

Just a couple quick things:

  • Do you have a Sitecore login yet? No? We can fix that. Just send us a note!
  • Are you using mccombs\ in front of your login name? Do that!

Walk Through and Jump to Points in Video

  • To connect to Sitecore, enter the following URL into the address bar at the top of your page. (
  • Click the Options button, below the Login button.
  • You will be given three options for user interface. Choose the Desktop.

Sitecore Login

  • Now log in with your Sitecore account Login and password.
  • Type out your Login name with mccombs\ in front of it.
  • The Sitecore desktop will now be open. This is the same layout as your typical Windows desktop, and can be navigated just as easily.
  • In the lower left-hand corner you will see the Sitecore Start button. Click on this and you will see the list of available menu items.

Sitecore Desktop Menu

  • To simplify navigation let’s make a shortcut on the Sitecore desktop.
  • To do this, click the Sitecore Start button, move your mouse over the Content Editor icon, click and hold the mouse down and drag the icon directly to the desktop.

Sitecore Desktop Shortcut

  • Next double-click on the Content Editor shortcut and we will do a few display changes to make things a little easier.
  • Across the top of the interface is a series of tabs, some of them useful and some of them not.
  • To close a tab, right-click anywhere along the toolbar that displays these tabs.
  •  A menu will pop up next to your cursor where you will see a list of the names of the tabs with check marks next to them.

Sitecore Top Menu Ribbon

  • Click the checkmark next to Versions.
  • Turn off all of the tabs except Home, Review and Publish.

Sitecore Consolidated Menu

  • Beneath the row of now consolidated tabs you will see two large columns.
  • On the left is the Content Tree, and on the right is the Content Loading Dock.

Sitecore Content Editor

  • The Content Tree is the basic outline for the whole site.
  • You can see folders and by clicking the plus next to the folder you will see subfolders within them and so on and so forth.
  • Each of these folders represents pages and subpages within the site.

Sitecore Content Tree

  • The large column on the right hand side of your page is the Content Loading Dock.
  • The Content Loading Dock is where you will be able to create and edit these pages and subpages.
  • To be able to edit within the Content Loading Dock, we need to make two slight adjustments to the Content Tree column.
  • We need to turn on Workflow and Locks.
  • To turn these on, it’s much like when we closed out of tabs.
  • There is a very thin column to the far left of the Content Tree.
  • Move your mouse to the far left hand side of the Content Tree column and right-click.

Sitecore Workflow Icons

  • You will see a list of items to turn on or off. Make sure there is a check mark next to Locked Items and Workflow.

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Why can't I log in?

First, make sure you have set up a Sitecore account with the tech team. If you're still having difficulty, it may just be that you're not using mccombs\ in front of your user name.Confused Kitten

What happens if I close one of the top tabs accidentally?

Don't worry, you can easily reopen any of the tabs you closed by right clicking on an available tab at the top of your screen and making sure there is a check mark next to the name of the tab you wish to reopen.

Why do I need to turn on Workflow and Locks?

Turning on Locked Items allows you to lock your page when creating it or editing it so that other users can not come in and make changes. Workflow allows you to see what is locked and makes it easier for you to submit your work once you have completed your editing or page building.

Why can't I edit a specific page?

This may be because it is locked by another user but it may also be that you have not been given editing rights to that page. If it is the latter, please check with an administrator in your office to see if they want you to have access and then let us know. We can fix it!

Best Practices

Wiining PuppyStreamlining your Sitecore interface will be helpful throughout your build.

  • Make sure you close unnecessary tabs.
  • Familiarize yourself with the remaining tabs and what they do.
  • Make sure you turn on Workflow and Locked Items.

Page last updated: 8/7/2014