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Submit Your Work

Submitting your work is the final step in your journey. It's the only way to get your page published, so lend us your eyes!

Helpful Tips

  • Submit your pages when you're completely done editing them, not after each edit.
  • Unlock your pages when you aren't working on them.
  • Publishing happens twice daily, 11:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  • Follow the rules! Publishing rejections still happen.
  • When you hover over the page icon in the workflow bar, it should read "Awaiting Approval"

Walk-through and Jump to Points in Video

A few final thoughts

The last step in your page build is submitting your work for publishing. Sitecore lets you make a page unique to your content and personal aesthetic. It can be as simple or as dynamic as you like. It's your creation to imagine and realize, within the basic McCombs design parameters.

You're responsible for your page, with all of its content and updates. The Web Team’s job is to make sure your creation is fully functional, adheres to AP Stylebook writing guidelines, McCombs branding, and SEO methods before publishing. So make sure to check for any spelling or grammar errors before you submit for the last time.


  • To submit your page for approval, click Save in the top left-hand side of the Content Editor.
  • Now switch to the Workflow.
  • Move to the left-hand side of the column tree. Notice the little lock icon next to your page folder.

Find the workstate icon of your page

  • Hover the cursor over the lock and a little draft page icon will appear next to the lock icon.
  • Left-click this, then click Submit.

Hover over the lock icon to reveal other workflow states your page is in

  • Now your lock icon has turned into a page icon with a green checkmark in front of it.
  • If you hover your cursor above this, you’ll see that the status has been changed to “Content Approval” ... sweet!  
  • Your page will first be reviewed by a content editor for proofreading and overall content quality. Once approved, your page's status will change to "Awaiting Approval," where it then enters the second stage of content editing.
  • The second content editor will make sure your links are working, your headings are SEO-friendly, and your widgets are rockin'.

After your content is approved, your page will undergo final approval for formatting before publishing.

  • Make sure to submit all your pages and any add-ons or sub pages that need to go live.


Everything needs approval to be published and the Web Team doesn’t know if it's ready until you submit it. Approval isn't automatic but it can be quick and simple if you stick to the plan!

  • We publish Sitecore twice daily, at 11:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  • It's your responsibility to construct your site correctly.
  • If you forget how to do something, feel free to watch the video again.
  • If you still need help, contact us. We live to dish about publishing!

 Bondage Cat


I submitted but I don't see my page why can't I see the update yet?

Give us a minute...we publish twice a day and it is a really big site. If you still don't see your edits on the live site, check your McCombs inbox, we may have rejected it but we will tell you why.

My page is locked by someone else but I want to submit it for publishing, what the *%##?Confused Kitten

Just send us a note and we will unlock it for you. No worries.

I am still waiting for publishing and you guys aren't sending me an email or anything. Am I being ignored?

No, we love you! We aren't ignoring you. The most common problem with submitting is people forgetting to properly submit their work. Just follow the steps we have detailed here and make sure you see "Awaiting Approval."

Oops! I submitted something I didn't mean to. Can I get it off the live site?

Yes, just send us a note through our queue and mark it "urgent." we will take it down ASAP.

Best Practices

  • Winning Guinea PigSubmit your work before 11:00 a.m. to insure that your updates can be seen that day.
  • Only submit when you are done editing the page, do not submit with every edit.
  • Check your spelling and grammar before submitting, It will go live with these mistakes.
  • Make sure you unlock your page and submit each item you want to go to publishing.