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Asian Business student in business suit smiling in hallway with other students sitting and studying in background

BBA Career Services

Get Hired

BBA Career Services helps you hone your interview and job searching skills so you can land the internship and full-time positions you want most.

Asian Business student in business suit smiling in hallway with other students sitting and studying in background

BBA Career Services

Start Early

Many of our resources are designed to help you engage with employers early in your college career. Start making connections from day 1!

Asian Business student in business suit smiling in hallway with other students sitting and studying in background

BBA Career Services

Career Discovery

Let BBA Career Services give you a firsthand glimpse of the companies and environments many people in the business world call home.

McCombs School of Business McCombs School of Business

Our Services

The BBA Career Services Team is a key resource if you're beginning to explore careers, search for an internship or prepare for interviews. Our Career Coaches and Peer Coaches can help you with:
  • Discovering and evaluating potential career paths and industries 
  • Resume and cover letter development and review
  • General job search strategies and resources 
  • Navigating The University of Texas at Austin and McCombs job boards 
  • Interview preparation, including mock interviews
  • Connecting with employers through events and programs 
  • Communicating with recruiters and employers
  • Offer evaluation and negotiation

Programs and Events

BBA Career Services provides a variety of events and programs for students to connect with employers. It’s never too early to get involved; freshmen are encouraged to attend all events.
  • Career Week >

    Career Week


    Career Week is held each fall and spring semester and is the primary recruiting event week showcasing 200+ employers. Students are encouraged to get their suit ready and prep for this week by doing employer research and stopping by our office for walk-in career coaching. 

    Career Week Sneak Peek - Meet in small groups with employers & learn about industry & career opportunities.

    BBA Women’s Council (BBAWC) Roundtable Breakfast Forum - Meet in small groups with businesswomen and discuss current issues and opportunities in today’s corporate world. For more information on the BBA Women's Council, please see the BBAWC tab.

    BBA Corporate Mock Interviews - Company representatives interview BBA students for mock positions and provide valuable feedback.

    BBA Employer Panel: Making the Most of McCombs - Employers connect with BBA students in an informal setting while sharing personal experiences and valuable insight into specific industries, careers and career-focused topics.

    Undergraduate Career Expo - 160+ employers attend this event to meet McCombs students; come as an underclassman to learn about leadership programs or volunteer to prep for when you’ll return as a Junior/Senior recruiting for internship/job opportunities. Please learn more about this event via the Undergraduate Career Expo tab.

    McCombs Diversity Council (MDC) Interactive Diversity Forum (IDF) Networking Dinner - Get to know employers in a personal setting and discover how their company values diversity. For more information on the McCombs Diversity Council, please see the MDC tab.

    BBA Employer Panel: Commercial Banking - Employers connect with BBA students in an informal setting while sharing personal experiences and valuable insight into the commercial banking industry.

  • BBA Women's Council >

    BBA Women's Council


    About BBA Women's Council

    Goals & Objectives:
    • Gain awareness of developmental issues and current challenges that women face in their transition from college students to business professionals 
    • Increase confidence in networking skills by connecting participants with other BBA women and influential female professionals 
    • Gain insight into the professional environment from the experiences and career journeys of prominent business women 
    • Prepare participants for success in the workplace by developing knowledge and skills that are rarely taught in traditional classroom environments 

    Roundtable Breakfast Forums: BBA women and successful businesswomen to network and discuss issues that impact working women.
    Leadership Symposium: The BBA Women's Council Leadership Symposium is a morning of professional development and networking where successful business women can share knowledge and insight on key topics impacting women in business today with McCombs undergraduate business women.
    Weekly Seminar Series: BBA women meet on a weekly-basis during the semester to participate in open discussions about challenges facing women in today’s corporate world and engage in activities that develop professional skills and enhance self-confidence.
    WomenTalk Speaker Series: Open to all BBA students and features a professional businesswoman who shares her career journey and provides advice on how to be successful.
    WomenInsights: Women’s Council members connect one-on-one with a businesswoman to hear and learn from their experiences in the workplace and share gained insights with other members.
    Career Treks: Women’s Council members participate in on-site visits hosted by employers to observe company culture, gain a deeper understanding of their selected major and related industries, and learn about potential career opportunities.

  • Career Shadowing Program >

    Career Shadowing Program


    About the Career Shadowing Program
    The Career Shadowing Program (CSP) is an unpaid, one-day experience during which current Texas BBA students are exposed to a professional business environment. Through participation, students will observe first-hand an organization’s culture and experience operations in an area of interest. Shadowing allows a student to walk through a typical day with a working professional and get a sneak peek into various careers paths and positions. The Career Shadowing Program experience is designed specifically for Texas BBA students who have not yet completed a professional internship.

  • Etiquette Dinners >

    Etiquette Dinners


    About the Etiquette Dinners
    The BBA Etiquette Dinners are hosted each fall and spring. They provide networking practice for BBA students with a networking session in addition to learning the do's and don'ts of business dining etiquette. Employers are seated with students to share stories and give business networking advice. 

  • McCombs Diversity Council >

    McCombs Diversity Council


    About McCombs Diversity Council
    McCombs Diversity Council (MDC) is an initiative of BBA Career Services in the McCombs School of Business that began in the spring of 2004. McCombs Diversity Council creates an atmosphere that recognizes diversity as a competitive advantage by maximizing our multicultural resources and building a business school that more accurately reflects the greater global community.  

    The McCombs Diversity Council assists its members in becoming leaders in the ever-growing global market by building long-lasting relationships with companies that value diversity in the workplace. Events such as the McCombs Diversity Council Diversity Dinner, General Meetings, and Company Treks provide MDC members opportunities to connect with employers and learn how companies value diversity. 

  • Target Your Future >

    Target Your Future


    About Target Your Future
    Target Your Future (TYF) offers a small, group setting to BBA students for those “off the record” questions with industry professionals, professors and upperclassmen. The program covers career topics designed to increase your knowledge, experience and confidence. This new insight will broaden your perspective on potential industries and employers, and help build your professional network. TYF strengthens your career decision-making skills through personal exploration, mentorships and networking.

    Seminar Series: The weekly seminar series offers an opportunity for small roundtable discussions on a variety of career-related topics. 
    Student Mentors: Students are divided into small groups and matched with mentors, who are typically former TYF participants. 
    Professional Mentor Program: Students are matched with professionals in an industry area of their interest. 
    TYF Kick-Off: Get to know the Leadership Team and participants in a fun, relaxed environment!  
    TYF Networking Social: TYF Mentors lead a fun evening of friendly trivia competition over dinner.
    Etiquette Dinner & Networking Reception: TYF shares an evening with BBA Women’s Council, McCombs Diversity Council and industry professionals. 
    TYF Trek: Employers host on-site visits to expand each participant's understanding of various industries and company cultures. 

  • Undergraduate Career Expo >

    Undergraduate Career Expo


    About the Undergraduate Career Expo
    The Undergraduate Career Expo (held each fall and spring) is the largest McCombs School of Business career fair. It is hosted by the Undergraduate Career Committee and BBA Career Services.

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