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Warwick Blythe

Senior Engagement Manager

Department:     Industry Partner, Strategic Decisions Group

Warwick Blythe Headshot
Warwick Blythe Headshot

Warwick Blyth co-leads SDG Energy Practice and is a core member of SDG’s Enterprise Risk Management practice team. Since first joining Strategic Decisions Group in 1994 he has worked in many parts of the world and advised clients in a wide variety of industries. His efforts have helped businesses develop novel strategies, improve their decision processes, make major investments, identify new markets, establish new business lines and obtain financing. Some examples of his work include:

  • For an Asia-Pacific energy firm he led an initiative to investigate the options for integrating renewable energy into existing operations and entering the renewable generation market.
  • For Middle-Eastern government, conducted a series of studies to understand the long-term oil market outlook and develop appropriate strategic responses.
  • For a North Sea upstream company, he developed a long-term field development strategy and was influential in setting up a successful initiative to change regional fiscal terms.
  • For a supermajor energy company, he developed an oil export strategy which optimized infrastructure and crude blending for various refining markets.
  • For a major aluminum company, he worked with the CEO and the senior management team to evaluate their business portfolio and develop a growth strategy.
  • For a US Midwest electric utility, he helped develop and implement a new capital asset management process by analyzing the capital projects portfolio.
  • For a global private equity firm he helped implement a new investment decision process as well as supporting a key portfolio investment decision.
  • For a major pharmaceutical company, he helped develop an Eastern European strategy by assessing Eastern European markets and evaluating potential investment alternatives.
  • For a Silicon Valley startup, Mr. Blyth worked with the entrepreneurs to launch the company and guide it until the first round of venture financing.

From 2001-2009 he was a partner at PSP Icon, a Cape Town-based consulting firm where he led its Strategy and Decisions practice. He was then CEO of the South African Oil and Gas Alliance, a public/private sector agency focused on developing the oil and gas services sector in Southern Africa. In this role he was instrumental in developing a national industrial policy for the upstream oil & gas services sector, establishing a special economic zone and increasing foreign investment into the local sector. He has an MS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and received a BSc (Honors) (First Class) with distinction in computer science and mathematics from the University of Cape Town. He is a member of the Society of Decision Professionals and lectures occasionally at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business. He is also an investor and board member in an internet startup focused on the education sector.