The Real Power of Marketing

“It is imperative for businesses to be market driven in their innovation strategy. It’s not just about just taking advantage of technology in the right way.” Kapil Jain knows the real power of marketing. As a professor with Texas Executive Education and the Assistant Chair of the Marketing Department at the McCombs School of Business, he relishes the chance to showcase how marketing can transform organizations even in very traditional industries. “Marketing today is one of the most critical business functions because of the dynamic marketplace,” he said. “It is about giving customers an exciting way to solve problems.”

Jain’s expertise shines in the classroom. His current Texas Executive Education program, Product Marketing for Technical Professionals, is taught in tandem with Kate Mackie. Among the many activities that take place during this highly interactive class, Jain and Mackie’s attendees immerse themselves in a full business simulation. Participants implement a marketing strategy, test it and measure the results – and then do it all again. This approach paves the way for exploration while welcoming experimentation. Enrollees learn from their mistakes quickly, assimilate new concepts, develop new strategies, and internalize valuable lessons.  It is a very hands-on approach that generates real growth and learning in just two days.

Jain also provides marketing expertise to companies around the globe in many of Texas Executive Education’s Custom Programs. Since 2002, he has worked with companies like Motorola, Texas Instruments, LG, Essilor, BBVA, Dell, and more.

For Jain, teaching executives is an energizing experience. “I love the way they frame their learning in the perspective of their own workplace,” said Jain. The variety of industries in Open Enrollment classes is also an enlightening experience for Jain and his participants. “I end up learning just as much as the participants every time I teach an Executive Education program.”

Upcoming Class with Kapil Jain:

Product Marketing for Technical Professionals

Nov 9-10 — Develop a thorough understanding of the concepts behind marketing strategy. Acquire a foundation for building internally consistent marketing campaigns.

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