Upcoming Texas Enterprise Event

How to Make Diversity Work. Or Not. with David Harrison on April 1st

Diversity in the workplace is here to stay, significantly growing in nearly every region in the U.S. and around the world. Yet, it is one of the most debated and least understood topics in modern management. The word "diversity" itself is tinged with political and cultural connotations.

Diverse teams can and do blow up - with internal squabbles creating divisions that might erupt into full-scale conflicts. Members of diverse teams may shut down and become reluctant to offer information or take risks in front of those different than themselves.

Yet, decades of studies in ongoing organizations show that different-minded teams perform as well as teams with like-minded members, and can outperform them, especially on complex and creativity-demanding tasks.

How can managers avoid the disadvantages and capitalize on the advantages of leading diverse teams? Professor Harrison has been studying that topic for 25 years, and he will share valuable lessons learned about getting the most from diverse teams. Join us for How to Make Diversity Work. Or Not. on Friday, April 1st at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center, Room 202, 1900 University Ave. Austin, TX 78705. Click here to register.

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