Faculty Spotlight - Steve Limberg

Steve Limberg's professional experience is as varied and diverse as the students who come to his classes. Prior to joining The University of Texas at Austin over thirty years ago, Steve's background included everything from working on a Disney film crew to working with an international public accounting firm. Steve continues to focus on sharing his knowledge of finance and accounting with professionals and executives who often come to him with little or no prior knowledge of finance. But for him, the challenge of taking individuals from having no knowledge of accounting to being able to read sophisticated financial reports is all in a day's work.

Limberg's first involvement with Texas Executive Education came with the designing of the Finance and Projects aspects of the Shell Project Academy custom program. Since then, his role has expanded into open enrollment classes where he teaches finance and accounting to executives who often come from non-financial backgrounds. Steve gives these business leaders a deep look at relevant strategies for value creation within a concentrated time frame, and provides them real-world examples that they can put into practice right away. "It's very gratifying to get feedback that participants have gained a huge amount of value in a relatively short encounter."

In class, Limberg explores the financial information methods and analysis necessary to make informed business decisions. To provide the most relevant context, Limberg brings in financial statements from the companies of the participants in each class, allowing for discussion and interaction. His Modern Executive Series class, Financial Analysis for Value Creation, is particularly experiential. Taught in tandem with Jim Nolen, the class begins with Limberg providing financial analysis information and techniques that participants then go on to use in a business simulation. Together, they provide both the expertise and the experience individuals need to be able to interpret and effectively act on financial information.

Working with executives in this context is particularly rewarding for Limberg. "I find them absolutely delightful, their personalities, interest in learning and willingness to share their experiences is extremely gratifying." For the latest insights from Steve Limberg and the rest of the Texas Executive Education faculty, enroll in one of our upcoming classes.

Upcoming class with Steve Limberg:

Financial Analysis for Value Creation

Understanding the numbers only gets you so far...it's how you apply information that matters. Create a plan to use your organization's capital strategically.

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