Lead change and innovation in your company

Dynamic thinking is absolutely essential for shifting the direction of any organization. Explore the nuances, challenges and opportunities that come with change in Leading Change and Driving Innovative Thinking on February 22-26, as part of the Modern Executive Series at Texas Executive Education.

Explore the cultural and cognitive factors that shape effective change by diving into case studies and group projects, and participate in lively in-class debates. Interact in simulations designed to give you direct experience in implementing change. This hands-on approach to the systems and methods of innovation highlights corporate and personal defaults, while at the same time helps participants develop an understanding of management habits that create change-friendly environments.

  • Cultivate leadership competencies around innovation and change management
  • Shape and reshape organizational culture to promote innovation
  • Spur innovation by identifying and removing key barriers to change
  • Drive creativity and ideation

Discover how to shift your organization's direction while setting your company up for a strong competitive position in the marketplace. For more information or to enroll now, visit our Leading Change and Driving Innovative Thinking page.

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