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Jan 29th: Profit from the Ivory Tower: How Businesses Can Turn Eggheads Into Partners

The rise of data creation and the machine marked a huge opportunity for academics – in particular those focused on data science and computation – to embark on a more traditional career. Because of this, something unthinkable happened: the academic and the marketer were forced to inhabit the same space. And while it's not always smooth sailing, it is always interesting.

Join University of Texas alum and digital marketing veteran Ken Cho, UT Assistant Professor of Statistics James Scott and UT Associate Professor of Computational Linguistics Jason Baldridge on January 29th for Profit from the Ivory Tower: How Businesses Can Turn Eggheads Into Partners as they talk about overcoming the clash to build a successful company, the real life struggles they have faced, and most importantly, what they have learned from each other.

Feb 26th: Leadership is a Contact Sport: Management Lessons from the NFL

From Wall Street to the National Football League (NFL), the CEO and head coach are co-laborers in an unforgiving battle to increase the bottom-line (profit and wins). Amid the tornado of overblown strategic plans and slick slide decks, CEOs can get lost in the ancillary functions that can deflate a company's growth.

The NFL offers CEOs a unique setting to examine management strategies. Head coaches do not enjoy the luxury of waiting three months for quarterly reports. The weekly gauntlet of nationally televised games shortens the runway for strategy rollout. Results are instantly made public, and improvements must be made within 168 hours.

Daron Roberts, the founding Director of the Center for UT Sports Leadership and Innovation, will take you inside the war room of the NFL and reveal actionable takeaways for your own leadership style.

As a former NFL coach, Daron will:

  • Demystify the leadership strategies of NFL coaches
  • Highlight organizational similarities between NFL teams and private companies
  • Unearth actionable takeaways for improved performance in your organization

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