Faculty Spotlight: Assistant Dean Chantal Delys

Chantal Delys

“Education is transformational and great executive education has the power to transform individuals and their organizations.” Since 1989, Chantal Delys, Assistant Dean and Director of McCombs’ Texas Executive Education, has been helping Texas Executive Education perfect the art of designing strategic, engaging, and impactful learning.

 Because participants in Texas Executive Education’s programs are top performing leaders from some of the world’s best companies, they need a learning experience that is immediately relevant with strategic and practical solutions to real-world challenges. “And, unlike the UT students, executives in our programs are not with us for a year or even a semester – we have just a few days to help them gain new knowledge and perspectives, and grow their competencies.” Developing a curriculum for such short but meaningful interventions can be especially challenging. However, UT was one of the first twelve business schools in the US to offer executive education in the 1950’s. And since then, Delys points out, “we have been among the first to dive into customizing programs to a company’s needs. We have tremendous experience internally and this gives us a unique differentiating advantage.”

“Great executive education teaching is an art, and it’s wonderful to watch how a professor can take complex ideas and build them into a clear and compelling story.” Delys firmly believes that superb teaching and an interactive design are the most vital aspects of a successful executive education program.

In recent years, they have augmented the classroom experience with the addition of webinars and other synchronous and asynchronous e-learning tools.  It helps accelerate the learning and allows multi-national companies to reach their employees all over the world. The result – an executive education that is completely tailored to each company’s needs and that is accessible by all.


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