Texas Executive Education Helps Companies Attract and Retain Talent

“Austin serves as a magnet for talent, and McCombs, along with Texas Executive Education, are key parts of helping companies attract and maintain that talent.” The newly appointed Dean of the McCombs School of Business, Jay Hartzell, has ambitious plans to advance the school’s already highly-esteemed reputation.

“The Austin area is one of the places where talent wants to be.  In fact, Texas is estimated to have 10% of the country’s millennials,” said Hartzell. “If you care about millennials—whether it is managing them, leading them, or being one—then we should be at the forefront of that conversation. McCombs and Texas Executive Education can help you connect with this key workforce cohort, and provide the tools you need to leverage their growing influence and power in the business world.”

Jay Hartzell Dean of McCombs School of Business

In order to continue the momentum established by his predecessor and to ensure that the McCombs School of Business can recruit ambitious minds while further establishing its powerful brand, Hartzell intends to capitalize on Austin’s central principles: intellectual leadership, innovation, and the idea of pushing the frontier. “This energy around Austin, Texas and the region gives us a huge advantage in this part of the country because of what the city is known for,” he said.

Austin’s rapid growth is not the only opportunity Hartzell sees for McCombs and Texas Executive Education. The Fall 2017 semester will bring about the completion of the Robert B. Rowling Hall and the second academic year for the Dell Medical School. In the next few years, McCombs will take advantage of these developments by expanding their healthcare administration programs and working more closely with the medical school. 

With Dean Hartzell at the helm, McCombs and Texas Executive Education will continue to develop their esteemed reputation as an intellectual business hub. “What we have here is a place where you can recharge your mental bearings and capabilities and find the tools you need to succeed.”

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