Upcoming Texas Enterprise Events

David Harrison

How to Make Diversity Work. Or Not. with David Harrison on April 1st

How can managers avoid the disadvantages and capitalize on the advantages of leading diverse teams? Professor Harrison has been studying that topic for 25 years, and he will share valuable lessons learned about getting the most from diverse teams. Join us for How to Make Diversity Work. Or Not. on Friday April 1st.


Raj RaghunathanIf You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy? with Raj Raghunathan on May 4th

Professor Raj Raghunathan will discuss one of the most important reasons why greater wealth, fame, and education do not automatically translate into greater happiness: the “scarcity mindset.” This mindset refers to the perception that the surest way to success is through grasping and hoarding the things that one wants.


Relying on the latest scientific findings, Prof. Raghunathan will show why the opposite of the scarcity mindset—what he calls the “abundance mindset”—is a far more reliable determinant of not just happiness, but also success.

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