Designing Winning Strategies

Many high-level executives already have most of the pieces of the puzzle when it comes to business strategies and tactics - but often the real impact is in how all those strategies fit together. Developing Innovative Strategies for Competitive Advantage, the most recent class in our Modern Executive Series, offered executives more than just cutting-edge knowledge, but the context to put it all together.

Led by top faculty members including Jim Fredrickson, Violina Rindova, Luis Martins, and Isaac Barchas classroom instruction consisted of topics such as the "Strategy Diamond" framework, how ethics and virtues relate to strategy, and more. Participant Rachel C. Ybarra, Executive Director of External Affairs Operations at AT&T commented on the rigor of the program, saying, "Topics were rapid fire in class and covered lots of concepts and ideas. We learned in one day what, in essence, is usually covered in an entire semester It was great!"

In this five-day program, faculty had the opportunity to dig in and spend time with each of their subjects, offering insights for participants to think about not only as business managers, but as individuals. "The faculty didn't just talk about things at that top level, they really pushed," said Ybarra. "There were opportunities for great volley back and forth." This dialogue was only enhanced by the interactions and sharing of experiences by the group of participants themselves. Alfonso Perez y Tellez, COO at Promotora Ambiental another participant of the program, commented on the value in discussion, saying "Your classmates' experience really helps enrich the program."

Participants also got the chance to visit iFly, Texas's first indoor skydiving facility, where they spoke with one of their executives about their mission and rapid growth strategy. The trip offered not only perspective, but a chance to get out of the classroom and see these topics in action. And fly!

iFly Austin

Participants returned to work armed with new strategies, frameworks and techniques to better help them determine their own company strategy. Visit our website to learn more or enroll in the next session of Designing Winning Strategies, April 18-22, 2016.

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