Faculty Profile: John Daly

John Daly Captivating. Approachable. Entertaining. Knowledgeable. Relevant. Experienced. Iconic.

These are just a few of the words that current and former students use to describe Professor John Daly. One of the most popular and awarded professors at UT, Professor Daly has been deeply involved with Texas Executive Education since its inception. Daly has taught in countless Custom Programs for companies ranging from Samsung, Shell, USAA, and Goldman Sachs, and worked with government organizations such as the US Air Force, US Army, and the White House.

A key reason for his popularity with clients and students alike is the fact that he never stops learning. Even after 30 years at UT teaching in the Departments of Communication and Management, Professor Daly still finds new insights both inside and outside the classroom.

Because he interacts with and learns from so many different organizations, Daly is able to combine research with real-world experience — bringing a powerful combination to the classroom. And, because his corporate interactions span from the CEO all the way down to first line managers, he is able to place his lessons within the appropriate context for his students — whether they are undergraduates, MBA students, new managers, or extremely experienced executives. "When I teach, I have great real world examples about how specific companies operate. Texas Executive Education helps me improve my classes, and my classes and research help me with Executive Education. I love learning, and teaching at Texas Executive Education is an opportunity to learn so many things on a regular basis."

By virtue of his research (which focuses on how to engage and influence people), Professor Daly is deeply committed to engaging all of his students, and offering them comprehensive and inventive learning experiences. When working with executives, he takes it a step further. Knowing that the Executive Education participants have specifically chosen to attend his classes, Professor Daly strives to provide valuable, impactful and engaging information. "It's about going into the real life issues. I try to teach them something that they can immediately use."

Daly also helped create one of our most unconventional custom program sessions, "Lessons from Lady Bird Lake", a rowing-based leadership exercise and related curriculum. The real value of Executive Education, Professor Daly says, is not just in the hard knowledge, but also in the experience. "Classes like these give members of a company or organization a shared experience. When you bring groups of people in a company together, they have a shared experience of learning together and they learn a lot about each other. It helps them build a story for the long run that makes for strong connections."

Professor Daly brings his latest research interests directly to the Texas Executive Education classroom by asking the tough questions in Advocacy Influence and Power, exploring how managers can foster engagement in the workplace in Building Engagement, and working with dispersed teams in Virtual Leadership. What he teaches, like what is offered in every Executive Education class, is drawn from the cutting edge of academia. Professor Daly has also authored a best-selling book on advocacy, which focuses on how people successfully market their ideas within organizations. He is currently working on a book about how people really "make it" in organizations.

What Texas Executive Education offers is a peek into the latest research and thinking even before it's available anywhere else. "We're doing research now that will be in books in ten years. Texas Executive Education courses cover this information long before it's actually out in the world."

For the latest insights from John Daly and the rest of the Texas Executive Education faculty, enroll in one of our upcoming classes. Upcoming classes with John Daly:
Virtual Leadership – Dec 3-4
Advocacy Influence and Power – Jan 25-29
Leading Change and Driving Innovative Thinking – Feb 22-26

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