Your company is growing. But can it be better poised to succeed?

Rapid growth, whether organic or through acquisition, creates unique challenges for a company. The road to success is not always as straight as originally conceived.

Texas Executive Education recently developed a highly successful Custom Program for Ferrovial, a leading infrastructure and municipal services operator headquartered in Madrid, Spain. Rapidly expanding to 74,000 employees with projects in 15 countries, Ferrovial's leadership was concerned about the lack of collaboration across four key divisions.

Collaborating with internal professional development experts at Ferrovial University, the Texas Executive Education team developed and delivered a customized two-day experience designed to build understanding and cooperation among senior sales leaders from across the Ferrovial organization. During the sessions, participants were occasionally surprised to hear about large opportunities that were in development, and in which cross-unit collaboration was possible, potentially giving the company competitive advantage in the market. Through the process, participants also learned from each otherís successes and challenges, and were able to share best practices applicable beyond individual projects and business units.

Each day concluded with structured ideation sessions, utilizing "brainwriting" techniques supported by research and experience. Through this process, a large array of recommendations for company leaders were developed, and potential action steps identified. Many participants expressed significant optimism in the ideas generated, suggesting that if even a couple of the key opportunities were integrated in the coming year, the session would vastly exceed the investment required. Beyond these ideas, the networking and cohesion created through the process will undoubtedly produce significant opportunities for success in the future.

The bottom line: Ferrovial emerged with a more connected and aware global sales team that is better prepared to compete in the future.

Texas Executive Education can help you take your company to the next level. Let us collaborate with you to develop a Custom Program that powers your organization forward. We can develop a tailored curriculum, led by our world-class faculty, to solve your company's specific challenges and equip your team with the insights and agility they need to excel.

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