Bootstrapping, Texas-Style

As anyone who comes to Texas soon realizes, there is a blend of openness, hospitality, and a "roll up your sleeves" attitude that makes this a great environment for entrepreneurship and innovation.  This same approach pervades the university environment, and is evident in our Executive Education coursework.  At Texas Executive Education, we seek to create impactful content for our Open Enrollment and our Custom Program attendees, and we are always impressed at the ways in which our faculty and staff find new ways to enhance and improve participant experiences.  In some of our most popular programs, this emerges in a rarely-seen level of collaboration between academic expertise and practitioner application.  We’ll share just a few examples:

Each January we offer a very popular program for construction professionals, now in its tenth year.  Offered in partnership with the Construction Industry Institute (CII), this two week immersion experience blends leading-edge research with best practices aggregated from across the construction industry.  Construction leaders from around the globe are exposed to what’s working, and what’s not, from the perspective of successful industry presenters, and from faculty who bring empirical findings and experience working with other industries.

“The program is of the highest quality and the commitment, and the willingness of the professors to impart their knowledge to us is amazing.”

Past CII Participant

As another example, Texas Executive Education partners with an organization called 3-Day Startup (3DS) to give participants in our “Advocacy, Influence and Power” class a behind-the-scenes look into the persuasion processes involved in securing funding for new ventures.  Located in the heart of Austin’s entrepreneurial scene at “The Capital Factory,” 3DS founder Cam Houser discusses the messaging strategies and tactics that help others catch their vision, and in turn encourage investment.  While most of our program participants won’t find themselves in the “Shark Tank” anytime soon, the insights and ideas learned can be readily applied in their existing roles. 

"Very impactful for our day-to-day work.  The Capitol Factory session was a pleasant surprise."

Victor Mieres, Vice President, National Instruments

"The class is packed with information and practical insights that can benefit any person in charge of a project or a team."

Sridhar Hariharan, CAD Manager, Silicon Laboratories Inc.

Similarly, a recently launched partnership with the Strategic Decisions Group out of Palo Alto, CA, has resulted in a very unique combination of academic and consulting-based expertise in the area of Strategic Decision and Risk Management.  Two courses were launched in April, including the core “Decision Quality” course, which equipped participants to bring a structured, rational approach to making high-quality decisions within their organization.

"Excellent course for both general decision making processes and analytical methods."

Rick Bilberry, Global VP, Strategic Accounts, Schneider Electric

"This decision quality course is terrific. Informative, well-organized; will provide a great foundation for helping teams make good decisions."

Joshua Selekman, Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb

Our popular Negotiation course was also expanded and freshly designed, with the new collaborative course fittingly retitled, “Negotiation and Collaborative Decision Making.”  Building upon the existing strength of the negotiation curriculum, SDG partners brought in a blend of game-theoretic decision making to add a valuable new layer of strategic analysis.  Response to these new collaborative curricula was very positive, and attendees from two Fortune 100 companies have already put plans in the works to bring this curriculum in-house via custom programs.  Something must be striking a chord.

Our Texas Executive Education team enjoys bringing a spirit of creativity and flexibility to designing impactful learning experiences, and we are fortunate to work with a faculty that, like Texas, thrives on collaboration and a bootstrapping attitude.  If you would like to explore the unique spin we put on our Open Enrollment programs, please contact our Director of Open Enrollment Lynn Slattery at  Or to brainstorm creative options for building Custom Program content for your group/organization, reach out to our Director of Custom Programs Nancy Nagle at   We look forward to rolling our sleeves up with you soon.