Faculty Spotlight: Steve Courter

Steve Courter

Steve Courter is not a classic academician. An Army veteran and former CEO of multiple telecommunications companies throughout the U.S. and Europe, Courter began teaching undergraduate business courses in the Army over 30 years ago. What once provided a rewarding balance to his leadership responsibilities has since become his full-time focus. Courter currently teaches a very popular Strategic Management class for Texas Executive Education.

With his vast operational experience, Courter equips Texas Executive Education enrollees with the methods and frameworks to help them lead with confidence. “What I bring to the classroom is a combination of tools and theories, not just war stories,” Courter says.

“What I bring to the classroom is a combination of tools and theories, not just war stories”

“Executives need to have something they can work with in their particular situation the very next day.” These are immediately actionable takeaways, applicable to the corporate world that generate winning outcomes. When Courter’s participants leave their program with Texas Executive Education, they are ready to lead.

“Where companies often make mistakes is using the wrong management tools in the wrong situations, or they use the right tools, but they use them incorrectly,” Courter says. “It’s like working on a car. You have to know how the engine works, and you need to have the right tools to fix it. You can take out a sparkplug with a hammer, but it’s not the easiest thing to do.” Courter provides his students with a 23-part strategic management ‘toolbox’ along with simulations and case studies where these management tools can be applied. He says his participants leave his class ready to immediately put their learning into practice.

These tools and theories are often a revelation to participants, many of whom grasp the basics of strategic management but have never had the resources to follow a finite methodology and framework to solve management problems. “The biggest problem I had as a CEO was people would come to me with great ideas, or great solutions, but they couldn’t tell me how they got there,” Courter says. “If you can’t tell me how you got there, I can’t give them to the board or lend it any credibility. The toolbox solves that.” Using academic tools to support your decisions can lend your solution enormous credibility to upper management and boardrooms. Texas Executive Education participants leave Steve Courter’s classroom ready to impact their organizations – and they have the leading-edge tools to back it up.

Upcoming classes with Steve Courter:

Strategic Management – May 16-17 2017 & October 26-27 2017
Rob Adams & Steve Courter

Enhance your ability to set and reach strategic and economic goals by equipping yourself with methods and frameworks proven to be successful. Develop the skills and strategies to make deliberate decisions and execute with confidence company-wide. Establish a solid foundation in managing your strategy by reviewing current industry, corporate, divisional and product strategy frameworks. Apply these techniques through a series of in class simulations, case studies and current scenarios. Gain an in-depth knowledge of contemporary strategic frameworks and tools along with the skill to apply them immediately in your current work environment.