Leveraging Emerging and Disruptive Technologies for Business

Last fall, Texas Executive Education conducted a highly engaging and challenging program for one of our client companies that gave them amazing insights into some emerging and disruptive technologies impacting their merchandising, supply chain, and business operations.

This program, delivered in two separate three-day modules, provided insights into how the new generations of information technologies, artificial intelligence & machine learning, sensors and robotics impact all areas of business from supply chain to manufacturing, inventory, merchandising, plant & business operations. In addition, the program addressed cost-benefit and time-to-market perspectives, and discussed a variety of limitations and governance issues.

Conducted via hands-on exercises, videos, in-class cases / projects, and visits to 3 advanced engineering labs, this tremendously interactive program involved 30 senior directors and executives from a variety of functional areas. Topics and modules included:

  • Robotics and Human-Robot Interactions
  • Human-Centered Sensing and Perception
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Sequential Decision-Making
  • Interactive Visualization 
  • Security and Privacy Implications
Robot playing soccer

Program attendees were amazed at the variety of technologies available to them that could be used within their industry, and were astonished at the pace of change. If you or your organization would be interested in learning more about how Texas Executive Education could build a similar (or any!) custom program for you, please give our Assistant Dean Chantal Delys a call at (512) 471-1064 or send her an email at chantal.delys@mccombs.utexas.edu