New for 2018: Mergers and Acquisitions

Texas Executive Education is proud to announce a new class that delivers everything you ever wanted to know about mergers and acquisitions, even if you aren’t planning to merge, acquire, or be acquired!

Are you a CEO of a start-up thinking about selling your company?  Are you interested in learning about how to value, structure and negotiate a transaction?  Are you a CFO getting ready for a sale?  Are you an HR or marketing executive who works actively on your company’s acquisitions and wants to learn more about M&A, including how companies are valued and the process surrounding a transaction from start to finish?

Our exciting new class on Mergers and Acquisitions featuring professors Xavier Sztejnberg and Ken Wiles will give you the opportunity to:

  • Prepare your company and its financials to be ready for a sale process
  • Analyze asset and estate planning issues
  • Structure the deal to minimize tax consequences
  • Understand how to value a company
  • Learn about how companies are marketed for sale
  • Understand the sell-side process from start to finish
  • Evaluate various monetization alternatives
  • Understand key management and retention issues
  • Prepare for a smooth integration
  • Learn how to negotiate a transaction

Learn more about this highly interactive and informative class along with all of our new offerings by taking a look at our new 2018 Catalog.

Have any questions?  Give us a call at (512) 471-5893 or drop us a line at – we look forward to hearing from you.