Transforming proven military leaders into tomorrow's industry leaders and entrepreneurs

It’s no secret that companies value the leadership, professionalism, wisdom, collaborative style, and work ethic that veterans bring to the table. Why, then, do the majority of veterans struggle to find work in corporate America?

Current McCombs student and active-duty serviceman Michael Sarraille found that 70% of career military veterans struggle to find work in the private sector. This led Sarraille, then a 1st year student in the full-time MBA program at the McCombs School of Business to found the Vetted Foundation. This comprehensive education program has been developed in partnership with Texas Executive Education, and will provide veterans with the business knowledge and career services they need to succeed in today’s corporate environment.

The Vetted Foundation’s Veteran Accelerated Management Program combines 5 months of distance learning in business fundamentals (Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Operations) with 2 months of comprehensive residential graduate level business instruction in commercialization, innovation and entrepreneurship (markets, business models, strategy, communications). This highly engaging and interactive program utilizes cases, presentations, simulations, performance assessments, guest speakers, and an 8-week Micro-consulting capstone embedded in a partner corporation to ensure participating veterans are well-prepared for the new challenges awaiting them in the corporate sector. Not only are these veterans given the business acumen they need to succeed in the corporate world, but they are also provided world-class career services including resume development, mock interviews, and networking techniques. And, unlike other transition programs, the Veteran Accelerated Management Program does not end until participants have been successfully placed with an employer.

The genesis of the program began with Sarraille’s own experiences in the armed forces and culminated with his ongoing studies at The University of Texas at Austin. At McCombs, Sarraille assembled a team of 15 MBA candidates, who are also veterans. The team, led by Dr. John Butler, produced a 60-page independent research study that uncovered a market gap. Sarraille elaborates:

“Seventy percent of all veterans struggle with the transition out of the military and into the private sector. Despite corporations trying to do the right thing with veteran hiring programs, more than 70 percent of hiring managers admit having a hard time making business sense of military experience. We developed a program that is both cost efficient and time efficient for veterans. A lot of these guys just retired, are in their mid-40s with a family. They don’t have the option of a full-time MBA. “

The solution is relatively simple -- provide veterans with the business tools to succeed, and they will enter their second careers with confidence and effectiveness.

“The most important part is that this entire process ends in industry placement that is free of cost to veterans and the corporations that hire them.”

Michael Sarraille, Founder
Vetted Foundation

The Veteran Accelerated Management Program was developed and piloted by Texas Executive Education in collaboration with Texas A&M’s Mays Business School. It is a case of traditional competitors collaborating for a greater cause, and another reason why Texas is regularly ranked as the most veteran-friendly state in the nation. The story of the VETTED Foundation illustrates the power of veterans in the workforce, and shows what a group of highly-motivated teammates can do when they use their business and military expertise to make a greater positive impact.

For more information, visit the Vetted Foundation website.