Use Strategic Marketing to Frame Your Products and Drive Your Business

Contrary to the popular expression, even great products do not sell themselves. A tight grasp on strategic marketing – everything from the four P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion), to driving effective communications that differentiate a product or service -- are paramount to success. Texas Executive Education offers these critical foundations and much, much more.

At Texas Executive Education, our theory-meets-practice McCombs School of Business faculty offer MBA-level classes that broaden the aperture on marketing. Learn the strategic process used to define target markets and the importance of product differentiation using the Four P’s. From there, learn to use marketing as a business strategy that not only influences your entire organization, but innovates your product lines, and drives bottom line success with great efficiency.

These interactive 2-day classes are equally valuable as a high-intensity reinforcement of marketing essentials, or as a deep-dive exploration into the marketing concepts that will change the way you invest in product development. Texas Executive Education Marketing classes include:

Mastering Marketing Mix Design
This immersive hands-on course will teach you how to market effectively in a dynamic, competitive marketplace. The challenge of designing a cohesive multi-channel marketing plan will directly affect the success or failure of your strategy. Use metrics generated by simulation to analyze your position, evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy, and develop and execute strategy adjustments to create success in the marketplace.

Product Marketing for Technical Professionals
Learn the language of marketing. Develop winning marketing strategies for your products by shifting focus to the nature of the customer’s wants and needs by identifying target market ‘pain points.’ Learn how to effectively differentiate your product. Address the fundamentals of marketing strategy and how it is used to help you achieve your sales and profit objectives.

New Product Marketing
Before you launch another new offering or a whole new business, explore the key marketing concepts, methods, and strategic issues relevant to going to market with a new innovation. Develop a marketing framework that is critical for start-up and early-stage entrepreneurs and "intrapreneurs" who innovate and transform ideas into profitable finished products.

Put yourself and your organization in a position of strength, and advance your career in Marketing with Texas Executive Education.