University Course Credit Can Be a Big Benefit Even If You Are Not Pursuing a Degree

Whether you are pursuing a degree or just looking to sharpen your business acumen, receiving university course credit for Texas Executive Education classes can potentially open new doors for you. Many companies and organizations provide educational benefits and financial assistance towards professional development programs that offer university credit. If you are a veteran, our classes may also be covered under your educational benefits if taken for university credit.

Almost all of our classes are now eligible to receive university credit — admission to The University of Texas at Austin is not required. For more information, please fill out this form and one of our program coordinators will be in touch with you shortly.

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Featured classes for course credit by concentration

Explore the ins and outs of data analytics to gain perspective and experience with the complexities of “Big Data” in the business and organizational context.

Examine the processes and practices of accounting and finance to gain a robust understanding of the part you play.

Equip yourself with the strategies and the management savvy to foster highly effective communication and collaboration.

Gain insight into marketing techniques and strategies to provide you with tactics that have company-wide impact.

Recognize risks from your stakeholders’ perspectives and generate better alternatives.

Develop the skills and strategies to make high-level decisions and to execute with confidence company-wide.

Dive into the ideas behind value creation and come away with the tools to successfully manage your supply chain.

Texas Executive Education

Texas Executive Education provides solutions for the challenges and changes you face as both a business person and an individual. Whether you’re adapting to changes in your business environment, or want to spur a change in your career, we work with you to establish your goals and then craft a plan to best help you achieve them. From two-day Open Enrollment classes to months-long Custom Programs, for small business start-ups to the largest companies in the world, we have the capability to scale your experience to best suit your needs. Backed by the extensive academic resources and faculty at The University of Texas at Austin, we develop curricula based on the real problems you are trying to solve and the concrete objectives you are aiming to accomplish.

For a nominal additional fee, participants will receive undergraduate course credit(s) upon completion of two- and/or five- day classes, which will include a final paper.

Please note that course credits are available at the undergraduate level only and may not always transfer to another university or program. See your educational advisor for more information.