Design Thinking

Infusing a human-centered design approach propels organizations to become better and more consistent at creating and implementing innovative ideas. With practice, organizations that implement this approach become innovation leaders in their respective industries. Success comes when a new set of tools and processes (and, ultimately, a new paradigm) is integrated into teams and organizations.

Texas Executive Education’s new design thinking series was created by the award-winning McCombs Faculty and the design experts at Upstream Thinking. The series begins with the Design Thinking Essentials for Business Innovation course as a starting point for people at all levels of the organization to better understand the mindset, methodologies, and tools associated with a design thinking approach.

Design thinking offers a proven method of consistently generating innovative solutions by focusing on the needs and experiences of the customers, partners or coworkers you're creating solutions for.

The capability to capture and analyze extremely large sets of quantitative data have dramatically transformed our ability to see what has happened in the past and what is happening today.

We’ve all stared at a blank page hoping for inspiration to strike. Teams need much more reliable and productive idea generation methods.

The key to great design is building empathy, including gaining an understanding the deeper motivations of your customers.