Post Graduate Certificate Programs in Business Analytics, AI & Machine Learning


Offered in partnership with Great Learning, these programs enable participants to gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with business analytics, machine learning, and AI concepts. The programs are a blend of synchronous and asynchronous online content, and take a practical approach to teaching analytics, AI and machine learning, equipping participants with necessary skills to make data-driven decisions. In addition to learning from world-class faculty and receiving personalized mentorship from industry experts’ participants will work on a number of real-world projects and compete hackathons, contributing to their body of work. Those who successfully complete the academic requirements are awarded a certificate from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.

Courses Offered    In partnership withGreat Learning Learning for Life

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (PGP-AIML)Enroll

A comprehensive, tech-focused program in AI and machine learning, the PGP-AIML course builds foundations in AI, machine learning, deep learning, and their respective applications in the business world. To enable candidates to independently build AI & ML solutions, the program uniquely combines a comprehensive curriculum (covering the most widely-used tools and techniques in the industry) with a hands-on learning approach. The program offers candidates the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in real-time every week through interactive mentor-led practice sessions, quizzes, case studies, and 10 hands-on projects. As they do so, they develop a nuanced understanding of data and build a strong body of work. A comprehensive career development support system further aids candidate targeting career transitions to AI & machine learning roles in industry.

Duration: 6 Months
Format: Online (Recorded Video Lectures Interactive Mentored Learning)

Data Science & Business Analytics (PGP-DSBA)Enroll

Designed to get candidates industry-ready in data science and analytics, the PGP-DSBA program combines the University of Texas at Austin’s proven academic leadership with Great Learning’s unique mentored learning model. Grounded in practical applications, the curriculum incorporates 12 projects, 1 capstone project, and guided practice on data sets every week to equip participants with the skills to make data-driven decisions. A strong focus on industry interconnectedness and hands-on learning is also brought about through weekly mentored learning sessions with practicing data scientists and analytics experts. To enable successful career outcomes, candidates can rely on career development support and guidance from experienced data science professionals.

Duration: 7 Months
Format: Online (Recorded Video Lectures Interactive Mentored Learning)

Artificial Intelligence for Leaders (PGP-AIFL)Enroll

Taking a business-focused approach towards emerging technologies in AI and machine learning, the PGP-AIFL equips managers and leaders with critical AI skills and enables them to understand their implications for business. The program is distinguished by its hands-on approach to teaching AI, through 5 hands-on projects and 1 capstone, without requiring candidates to code. The learning pedagogy incorporates numerous case studies, recorded lectures, mentor interactions, and webinars to teach the possibilities of AI and help candidates to translate AI solutions into business decisions.

Duration: 4 Months
Format: Online (Recorded Video Lectures Interactive Mentored Learning)