Leading Change and Driving Innovative Thinking

Capitalize on change as an opportunity, while embracing transition as a catalyst for innovative thinking. Adapt to evolving competitive conditions and adjust to market shifts by fostering an innovative culture within your organization.

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Identify and seize opportunities as they arise. Equip your people to take risks and tackle new challenges. Develop a blend of leadership skills and political savvy required to lead your organization through periods of change and foster an innovative culture. Construct a comprehensive tool kit for visioning, creating opportunities, crafting your messages, and responding to resistance, helping you to succeed where others fail.

This class is available for university credit. Please contact Lynn Slattery at Lynn.Slattery@mccombs.utexas.edu or 512.471.5893 for more information.

Managing People and Leading Teams

Equip yourself with the strategies and the management savvy to foster highly effective communication and collaboration.

Five-Day Immersive Program

Registration begins at noon on Monday and class begins at 1:00. Class will conclude on Friday at noon.

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2020 classes will be held “live” online and include interactive discussions and activities.


  • Develop leadership competencies around innovation and change management
    • Objectively determine where changes are needed and where opportunities present themselves
    • Clearly articulate your vision to employees to inspire change leaders
    • Identify roles that various stakeholders play in your organization
    • Analyze how power and authority affect employees’ desire to change
    • Break down barriers to employee voice, encouraging ideas and initiative
  • Shape and reshape organizational culture to promote innovation
    • Assess your current culture, and use it to frame pending challenges and opportunities
    • Identify organizational complexities that create contradictory pressures and demands
    • Encourage employees to embrace new opportunities for growth through innovative business models
  • Spur innovation by identifying, and removing, key barriers to change
    • Anticipate and prepare for organizational politics
    • Predict stages of adoption, and cycles of implementation, and tailor tactics accordingly
    • Discuss failures, and create strategies for regrouping
  • Drive creativity and “ideation”
    • Implement creativity tools and design thinking to expand opportunities
    • Stimulate creativity for individuals, and in teams
    • Systematically encourage experimentation, growth, and change


  • What expertise is required to lead your team to pursue and embrace success, failure, and change?
  • What steps can you and your organization take to create a culture that seeks innovation, and that is change-enabled?
  • What underlies creativity, and the birth of new ideas?
  • How have the most innovative companies succeeded, and how can your organization become more adaptive and agile?
  • How can you profitably cope within an environment that constantly challenges your ability to adapt quickly?
  • How can you cope with past successes serving as a barrier to new ideas and change?
  • What new methods exist for recruiting and retaining people who are great at adapting to constant change?
  • How do you communicate a common vision of success built on change and innovation?
  • In a fast changing business environment where a new “psychological contract” exists between employers and employees, what can your organization do to succeed and prosper?
  • What can you do to generate commitment, loyalty and performance when everything seems different than it used to be?

Who Attends

It’s no secret that a strong leader can make or break an organization. Become a more influential leader by effectively advocating for your ideas and vision.

  • Executives and high-level managers in leadership roles
  • Professionals responsible for affecting change and driving new initiatives
  • High-potential individuals who will assume greater responsibility within their organization

Companies frequently send pairs of individuals, and small teams to this program, as they try to launch and lead new initiatives within their organization. Please contact us if you are interested in sending three or more participants to this program.

Additional Information

CEUs: Participants earn 2.8 CEUs and/or 28 CPEs for this course. A certificate of completion will be presented from Texas Executive Education.
Course Credits: 2.0
Hotel Information: Texas Executive Education classes qualify for discounted hotel room rates at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center on a limited basis. Discount code will be provided on the course materials page after class registration is complete.
Schedule: Please call us at 512-471-5893 or email execed@mccombs.utexas.edu for an up to date class agenda.


John Daly

Dr. John Daly is the Liddell Professor in the Moody College of Communication, Regents Distinguished Teaching Professor, and Texas Commerce Bancshares Professor of Management at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Luis Martins

Luis L. Martins is a Professor and Department Chair of Management and the Juanita Dreibelbis Fellow in Business at the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. He also serves as the Faculty Director of the MS in Technology Commercialization Program at the McCombs School of Business.

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More Testimonials

  • "Definitely take this class. Great way to increase understanding on change management and innovation."

    - Andrew Forysiak, Director, Capabilities, Implementation, and Modernization, U.S. Army Cyber Command

  • "You need this course to give you the framework for implementing a culture of change and innovation in your organization."

    - Mark Forbis, VP & CTO, Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.

  • "Our government was born from the desire for change. And government has fought change almost every minute since. Bureaucracy has learned to hate change, especially radical change. But for many of us in government, change is often thrust upon us by circumstances beyond our control-political transition, budgetary uncertainty, and changing demands of public service just to name a few. Learning the essential lessons of change management from the private sector, where innovation is critical for companies to survive, made more sense than the typical leadership schools of public sector management. UT's program taught me those tools that successful businesses use to manage change as an opportunity and to create an innovative management culture that makes organizations more resilient. The applications for public sector leadership are both tactical and strategic. With an emphasis on innovation, UT's practitioners have given me ways to capitalize on short-term change with specific, data-driven methods applied to inspire our people. That lasting culture of confidence is becoming key to our long-term planning and success in preparing to meet tomorrow's requirements."

    - CAPT Michael J. Silah, Commanding Officer, NOAA Aircraft Operations Center

  • "This was very well-executed. The comprehensive communication leading up to the event was very helpful. Being able to stay onsite was a huge plus."

    - Patricia Panico, Corporate AR Director of Invoicing, Leidos

  • "I would highly recommend this course to a colleague who wants to gain greater insight into broader change and innovation concepts and how they relate to real-world examples and brands."

    - Patricia Panico, Corporate AR Director of Invoicing, Leidos

  • "Excellent facilities, excellent program."

    - Maria Araujo, Manager R&D, Southwest Research Institute

  • "Dr. Daly's enthusiasm and level of energy is both incredible and inspiring."

    - Robert Cort, Manager, White Sands Test Facility, NASA Johnson Space Center

  • "Dr. Martins presented really clear and direct explanations, the pre-readings helped to discuss and exchange ideas with the group."

    - Benito Pedemonte, Compliance Officer, Marsh Rehder

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Leading Change and Driving Innovative Thinking

Price: $6,600.00


03/01/21 - 03/05/21

5- Days

Luis Martins
John Daly