The Art and Science of Effective Negotiation

MPLT|Managing People and Leading Teams

Learn a systematic approach to negotiation and identify specific strategies for success in complex negotiation challenges.


Whether it is internally with a colleague or externally with a business partner, negotiation is a part of our daily lives, and preparation is essential. This class explores negotiation strategies and techniques to help you communicate your ideas and achieve the best solution.

This class facilitates developing the approach to negotiating that works for you. By charting your best possible outcomes, you will learn to successfully analyze which strategies will work the best with the negotiation style of your partners and the opposition. In interactive exercises, you will learn to directly apply these techniques to negotiate high-quality deals and receive feedback on your approach.

  • Introduction to distributive negotiation
  • Creating gains in negotiations
  • Managing group negotiations
  • Communication tactics and strategies to enhance negotiated outcomes
  • Develop your negotiation strategies
  • Determine the value of your negotiation
  • Explore five Tactical Options of negotiation
  • Discuss seven Tactical Stages of the negotiation process
  • Learn how to find mutually beneficial trade-offs
  • Discover the differences between individual and group negotiations
  • Plan for negotiations with difficult people or those you do not trust

Janet Dukerich, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Management
Gaylen Paulson, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Director, Texas Executive Education
Doug Dierking, Ph.D., Assistant Chair and Senior Lecturer, Department of Management

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Price: $2,950.00

The Art and Science of Effective Negotiation


10/01/15 - 10/02/15

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center 1900 University Avenue Austin, TX 78705

Doug Dierking
Gaylen Paulson
Janet Dukerich