Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning classes at Texas Executive Education focus on developing the knowledge and thought processes necessary to make high-impact decisions within an organization. Learn how to create and execute strategies vital to company-wide operations with confidence through these classes that shape leadership capabilities, analytical tools and decision making expertise.

Designing Winning Strategies

Gain an understanding of the components and characteristics of a truly actionable strategy that will enable your team or company to grow and succeed.

Driving Strategic Business Decisions

Uncertainty and complexity make many decisions difficult, especially those involving R&D projects, new products and new ventures.

Leading Change and Innovation

Learn to recognize when change is needed and how to manage and lead change in a collaborative environment.

Strategic Decision Making

Examine tools for modeling decisions involving risk and uncertainty to analyze various problems and make better decisions.

Strategic Management

Enhance your ability to set strategic and economic goals by equipping yourself with methods to increase the analytical capabilities of your team and staff.