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Two students talk in CBA atrium

Professional Practice Program

McCombs’ Professional Practice Program is an informal weekly meeting where like-minded students can engage with a faculty member in meaningful conversations about business.


    These one-hour conversations may spring from content in the Introduction to Taxation course, from foundational questions students may not feel comfortable raising in class, or from faculty-proposed hypothetical situations. McCombs offers the program by special invitation to students enrolled in Introduction to Taxation. No homework or other outside preparation is required.


  • A chance to learn in a more relaxed setting, with a group of no more than 25 peers;
  • Practice in communication and analytical skills, including faculty-led cross-questioning, small group and individual presentations, and peer critiques;
  • Deeper understanding of the material in Introduction to Taxation;
  • Tips on study habits and organizing the material, such as how to split your time between pure memorization and practice problems;
  • Discussion of attitudes and cultural adjustments necessary for success in the workplace;
  • Greater self-assurance, through understanding that a modest background is a professional asset;
  • A relationship with a faculty member who has every confidence in your ability to become a first-rate business professional.

“As a metaphor for their professional lives, I ask these students to consider the example of Switzerland — a country with internal cultural and linguistic conflicts, with no seaport, no natural resources, almost no agricultural land, and no defensible borders. Yet, forced by these circumstances to use their own intellectual resources and to work well and hard, its people have created one of the most productive and wealthiest nations in the world. This is the perspective that I want each of the students in the program to appreciate about themselves.”

        - McCombs faculty member Stuart Singer, Professional Practice Program founder



It is easy to feel overwhelmed and lost on a big campus, but through this program I felt special and connected — more than just a number at a large university. I was reminded that McCombs faculty members are truly invested in my success.
We’re challenged in ways that make us really think on a deeper level, and the professor made himself available for any questions—not just about tax, but about life in general, including mentorships, accounting professions, and real-life tax situations.
Esther Ko Headshot
Through thought-provoking discourse, I became more comfortable voicing my thoughts in a professional environment. The program significantly improved my confidence as a McCombs student.