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Dean Mills waves on stage while presenting graduate with diploma

Career Outcomes

Check out where MS Business Analytics students landed after they graduated from the program.

MSBA Employment Stats Are Reported Each Spring

MS Programs posts annual outcomes each year in the early spring. This report conforms to the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance Standards for Reporting Specialty Masters Employment Statistics ©. Completion or participation in a degree program at The McCombs School of Business does not imply or guarantee employment, employment in a particular position, employment in a particular firm or company, advancement, or a specific salary.

Salary By U.S. Region

  • $87k


    Average salary, % Accepts: 61%

  • 104k


    Average salary, % Accepts: 18%

  • $89k


    Average salary, % Accepts: 6%

  • $85K


    Average salary, % Accepts: 10%

Salary By Function

  • $88K


    Average salary, % Accepts: 39%

  • $90K

    Data Analytics

    Average salary, % Accepts: 51%

  • $73K


    Average salary, % Accepts: 10%

Salary By Industry

  • $85K


    Average salary, % Accepts: 37%

  • $84K


    Average salary, % Accepts: 29%

  • $88K

    Financial Services

    Average salary, % Accepts: 16%

  • 100K

    Petroleum and Energy

    Average salary, % Accepts: 8%

Salary By Student Visa Status

  • $87K

    All Students

    Average Salary: $87,922 Median Salary: $87,000

  • $84K

    U.S./Permanent Residents

    Average Salary: $84,683 Median Salary: $85,000

  • $90K


    Average Salary: $90,235 Median Salary: $90,000

Sample Job Titles and Employers

Sample Companies Hiring MSBA GraduatesSample Job Titles of MSBA Graduates
EOG Resources Senior Analytics Consultant
IBM Data Scientist/Analyst
Deloitte Associate Engineer
Dell Senior Associate
Toyota Connected  
Booz Allen Hamilton  

Hear from an MSBA Graduate

Master of Science in Business Analytics graduate Amy Dang talks about her McCombs experience in the MSBA program and how she plans to implement the knowledge and skills learned to continue advancing her professional career.