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Related Events content type details

ID: 431
Name: Related Events
Description: Adds the 3 related events based on the category selected to the page

Content element details

NameThe Name Element80 CharactersPlain TextYes
Section TitleEnter the section title50 CharactersPlain TextYes
CTA TextEnter the text for the link30 CharactersPlain TextYes
CTA link (internal)Select a section/content for an internal link80 CharactersSection/Content LinkNo
CTA link (external)Only enter this if you are NOT entering an internal link200 CharactersPlain TextNo
CategorySelect the event categories from the dropdown80 CharactersKeyword SelectorYes


Displays a title, a link and up to 3 cards which match the tags selected in the Category element.

The Category element contains tags from the Event Type, Audience and Programme or Department lists.  The Category filters the tags as you type - entering a letter then deleting it allows you to see the full list. Click on a tag to select it - multiple can be selected. Click Confirm to add the tags to the current query.  Tags can be removed by clicking the appropriate 'x' and more tags can be added clicking on 'Append to query'.


April 4, 2023 - April 4, 2023

Minimal Event with only required content

Virtual @ 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Type: Diversity

Audience: Students – Prospective

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Related Events