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Related News content type details

ID: 439
Name: Related News
Description: Adds the 3 related news based on the category selected to the page

Content element details

NameThe Name Element80 CharactersPlain TextYes
Section TitleEnter the section title50 CharactersPlain TextYes
CTA TextEnter the text for the link30 CharactersPlain TextYes
CTA link (internal)Select a section/content for an internal link80 CharactersSection/Content LinkNo
CTA link (external)Only enter this if you are NOT entering an internal link200 CharactersPlain TextNo
News CategorySelect Categories from list80 CharactersMulti-select ListYes


Displays a title, a link and up to 3 cards which match the tags selected in the News Category multi-select. It can only be used in the same section as the News content type.


Outside the Blanton Museum of Art
March 21, 2023

Minimal News Story

The bare minimum.

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