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She acts like summer and walks like rain, reminds me that there's time to change. Since the return of her stay on the moon, she listens like spring and she talks like June.

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Let's get excited about people, places, and things! Join April Ludgate as she talks about her favorite people, places she's been to, and things she does when she's bored.

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Everything is cool when you're part of a team. Learn about teamwork and team building from our experts.

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1998 Cerulean Way

Cerulean City, CA 90210

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The biggest twist of Oliver's Twist was that there wasn't a twist at all. That's how clever [Charles] Dickens was.

Philomena Cunk

How to Become a Pokémon Master

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    The first thing you need to do to start your journey is choose a starter Pokémon.

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    After getting your starter, you'll have to train it by battling and catching other Pokémon. As you battle and catch, you can add new Pokémon to your party and start building your team.

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Downtown Austin
November 17, 2023 - November 17, 2023

2023 Harvest Festival

Off Campus, Pawnee Commons @ 12:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Type: Community Event

Audience: McCombs Community

Program or Department: Career Management

Join us at the first ever Harvest Festival! We will have a petting zoo, corn maze, and more. Bring your family and invite your friends!

The 2023 Harvest Festival will be open to the community and is a come-and-go event.

We will have:

  • A corn maze
  • Face painting
  • Petting zoo, with the famous Lil' Sebastian
  • Games and prizes
  • Food and snack booths (hot dogs, pizza, cotton candy, etc.)
  • And much more!

Contact Leslie Knope for questions and send your registration inquiries to April Ludgate. Can't wait to see you there!

3 Top Rankings
May 8, 2023

In the News

McCombs continues to climb in both state and national rankings.

Alex Todd

The Red McCombs School of Business has been a pillar of excellence at the University of Texas as long as it's been in existence. Check out our newest rankings and see why our programs are top notch.

This is an Event

Date: 12/1/23

Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: Alumni Center


Join us for this alumni event on December 1! Drink tickets and food will be provided.

big ideas covid
Illustration of people who have gotten a vaccine
Navigating the World Post COVID-19
  1. 1

    Tips on Staying Healthy

    List of tips to stay healthy in a post-pandemic world

  2. 2

    Mental Health Care Post COVID-19

    Putting your mental health first after a pandemic

  3. 3

    Managing Workplace Expectations Post COVID-19

    How to manage expectations in your workplace after a pandemic

  4. 4

    Workplace Changes Post COVID-19

    Navigating changes in the workplace after a pandemic

  5. 5

    Remote Work: Why it's the Better Option Post COVID-19

    Details on why/how remote work has changed how we work and why it's the better option in a post-pandemic world

How has COVID-19 changed what used to be the standard American workplace? We've got five topics to help you understand the impact of a pandemic not only in your workplace, but on your mental health, the mental health of others, and healthy practices going forward.

Opinion: Orange Soda is the Superior Beverage

We asked a group of students what their favorite carbonated beverage was - the answer was almost overwhelmingly Dr. Pepper, but one student had an entirely different opinion:

Orange soda is the best soda beverage there is. I love it. I do I do I dooooo-ooo.

-Kel Mitchell

Do or do not, there is no try.
— Yoda

Related News

September 4, 2023 - September 4, 2023

McCombs Event Test

On Campus @ 10:11 AM - 10:12 AM

Type: Admissions Event

Audience: Staff, Students – Prospective

Program or Department: Career Management

This is a test event