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IROM PhD - Supply Chain & Operations Management

The PhD concentration in Supply Chain and Operations Management is offered by the Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management (IROM). This program primarily prepares students for academic careers in supply chain and operations management. There is an emphasis on modeling-oriented research, including analytical and decision-support modeling with applications to supply chain management.

The PhD in SCOM leverages the strengths of the department to provide a simulating environment, and rigorous training in supply chain modeling. The SCOM faculty is:

  • well-recognized for its research in the theory, algorithms, and applications of optimization and stochastic models
  • interested in applying these methods to problems in operations, logistics, and supply chain management

Texas McCombs provides opportunities for students to interact with researchers from other departments and universities through various research seminars. These interactions enrich the educational experience, and help students work on interesting, relevant, rigorous research topics.