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The rapidly-growing field of Wealth Management takes an interdisciplinary and wholistic approach to enable individuals achieve their life-goals.  To advance the field, the Texas McCombs Wealth Management Center, in collaboration with the Retirement Income Institute (“Institute”) and the Alliance for Retirement Income, invites all McCombs faculty to submit “Insights.” 


An Insight is a 3 page summary, in plain English, of selected articles.  Faculty can cover as many as 3 articles in one Insight submission (5 page summary if covering 3 articles).  Please review the Institute’s webpage (link above) to learn more about the Institute and its goals.


AWARDS (Funds will be paid directly by the Institute to the faculty that complete the Insight)

  • $1000 if one article is covered in one Insight

  • $2000 if two articles are covered in one Insight

  • $3000 if three articles (maximum) are covered in one Insight



  1. Author, title and publication date of the article addressed in the Insight

  2. This article’s principal Insights

  3. Insight Author and bio

  4. Research agenda topic to which this Insight relates: (e.g., New takes on the annuity puzzle, Optimizing annuities in a retirement portfolio, Private-sector solutions for legal and regulatory barriers to annuities in 401(k) plans and Understanding differences in consumer behavior and decision-making

  5. Who should read this Insight: (e.g., retirement investors, financial professionals, annuity manufacturers, attorneys, policymakers)

  6. Ideas in this Insight that can be put into action





Please use the link at the bottom of this document to review the list of preapproved articles you may select from.  Only one article may be selected per session.  You will receive a confirmation email when you have made your selection along with the guidelines to follow for your Insight submission which includes submission format and examples of published Insights in the past.  You may select your next article by relaunching the link below.  Relaunch the link again to select a third article.



The Wealth Management Center will do an initial screening to ensure that the Insight meets the formatting requirements and guidelines. The Center will then pass on successful Insights to the Institute for final evaluation and approval. Authors will directly discuss with the Institute regarding publication rights, etc.  The Wealth Management Center retains the right to make the final Insight available on its website and in its newsletters to partners. 

Depending on the number of proposals received, the Wealth Management Center and Institute will select a suitable format for electronic publication and dissemination through various channels, include the websites of the Wealth Management Center and the Alliance for Lifetime Income. 



Insights are due no later than October 15th, 2022 by email to  The Retirement Income Institute may require edits to your Insight and the final draft must be submitted no later than December 15th. 





Ramesh K.S. Rao

Eugene and Margaret McDermott Professor of Finance

Director, Wealth Management Center 

Dima Yazji Shamoun

Clinical Assistant Professor of Finance

Assistant Director, Wealth Management Center