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McCombs: A Global Leader

“Globalization” is more than just a buzzword: it is shorthand for the way the business marketplace is evolving. As the world is becoming more inter-connected, the workforce needs employees who are equipped with native language skills, cultural sensitivity, and the ability to interact with diverse populations.

The Red McCombs School of Business BBA International Programs Office encourages students to explore the world by participating in study abroad at 29 top rated business schools is 24 different countries, therefore increasing student’s worldview and market worth to employers. Currently, McCombs ranks first among the other UT Austin colleges in sending the highest percentage of its students abroad. 

Benefits of Study Abroad

As a former International Programs alumni, you know first-hand about the wonderful benefits of studying abroad. Not only can students serve as cultural ambassadors for their home country and university, but they have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to undergo a continued sense of self discovery, meet international students from around the world, learn in a new academic setting, and gain an increased global awareness and appreciation for the diversity around them.

Increasing Costs

However, with the increasing costs of study abroad coupled with competitive scholarships and scarce funding, the financial costs are limiting  the number of students who are able to participate in study abroad. Although students benefit from paying UT tuition while abroad, the average cost of a semester BBA exchange program ranges from $13,000 to $17,000 USD. For students with limited family financial support and the inability to work while abroad, covering the additional study abroad expenses deems difficult.

Help Support the Cause

The financial support of BBA International Programs alumni and friends can help us continue this great momentum of sending students abroad by establishing need and merit-based scholarships for outstanding students to learn at our partner international institutions. Machu Pichu Afternoon

A small contribution can go a long way. Whether it is helping with the expense of the airplane ticket, the payment visa processing fee, or help cover the living expenses in a more expense corner of the world, every little bit helps get them one step closer to beginning their exploration overseas.

Please click here to visit the online donation form. For more information on how your donation will contribute to the BBA International Programs Scholarship Fund, please email