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The BHP Faculty

Business Honors Program professors are dedicated to their students. They must undergo an admission process and are hand-picked to teach BHP students because of their skills, dedication, and outstanding teaching styles. These teachers are truly the best that McCombs has to offer because they understand the unique needs of honors students and are committed to building rapport with their students.

The Business Honors Program faculty will challenge you in the classroom and support your professional aspirations outside of the classroom. With programs like “Dining with a Professor” and “Professors Have Interests Too” as well as game nights and fiestas, you will have the opportunity to build a strong and lasting relationship with all of your professors. Faculty also spend time in office hours and hosting boot camps to assist students with class work and homework assignments.

Dynamic, innovative, and excited about providing a challenge for high achieving students, the BHP faculty will guide your education and growth as a student, preparing you for your next chapter of your life.

 Ashish Agarwal
MIS 301H
Introduction to Information Technology Management
 Rayan Bagchi
OM 335H
Operations Management
Y. Sekou Bermiss
MAN 336H
Organizational Behavior
 Ethan Burris
MAN 336H
Organizational Behavior
 Jade DeKinder MKT 337H Principles of Marketing
 Greta Fenley
BA 101H Professional Development and Career Planning
 Gail Gemberling
STA 309H
Elementary Business Statistics
 Beverly Hadaway
FIN 357H
Business Finance
 Joe Hahn FIN 357H Business Finance
 Prahbudev Konana
MIS 301H
Introduction to Information Technology Management
 Leigh McAlister
MKT 337H
Principles of Marketing
 Paul Newman ACC 311H  Financial Accounting
 Francisco Polidoro
MAN 374H
General Management and Strategy
 Robert Prentice
BA 151H
LEB 323H
Honors Lyceum
Business Law and Ethic
 Ram Ranganathan
MAN 374H
General Management and Strategy
 JJ Riekenberg
BA 324H
Business Communications
 James Scott
STA 371H
Statistics and Modeling
 Stathis Tompaidis
STA 375H
Statistics and Modeling

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