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BHP Advisory Board

The BHP Alumni Advisory Board exists to guide the direction and accomplish the mission of the BHP. It is comprised of BHP alumni who share the goal of supporting and improving one of UT's finest undergraduate programs. In particular, the Advisory Board assists in fundraising, student recruitment, student mentorship, alumni engagement, and helps to increase the overall awareness of the BHP. We are now accepting nominations for the board. To nominate yourself or someone else, please complete the BHP Advisory Board nomination form.

Name Grad Year & City
Dominic Sung (Chair) 2003, Houston
Patrick Clegg 1984, Houston
Cristopher Crump 1991, Southlake
Michael Daehne 2012, Austin
Travis Devitt 2006, Austin
Morgan Davis 2003, Houston
Sam Hines 1996, New York
Tera Hogan 2004, Austin
Pamela Friedman 1987, Austin
Ashish Gupta 2000, Austin
Michael Klein 1978, Austin
Mitch Kreindler 1984, Houston
Scott Packman 1990, Los Angeles
Vivek Shah 2003, San Francisco
Craig Wielansky 1982, St. Louis

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