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Centers | Energy Management and Innovation Center


Our energy management program is 18 credit hours for all undergraduate students. Incorporating required coursework in business, geoscience, law and petroleum engineering. 

During the summer session, we will supplement the curriculum with experiential learning through guest speakers from industry and energy site visits. The diagram below illustrates required coursework to complete the program.

 EMP Updated Curriculum Info Grafic 8/17/2015

  • GEO 303 - Basic Geology
    Offered most semesters
    Mineral and rock composition of the earth; measurement of geologic time; origin and evolution of life; earth's interior; plate tectonics; depositional environments and processes; ancient climates; humans, earth resources, and the environment.
  • GEO 401 - Physical Geology
    Offered most semesters only for Geology majors.
    Nature, properties, and distribution of crustal materials; surficial processes; internal processes; origin of continents, oceans, and ocean basins; mineral and fuel resources.
  • BGS 370 - Oil & Gas Exploration
    Only offered in the summer
    This course describes the use of the surface by the operators from an ingress and egress point of view; responsible parties; drilling locations; pits; water use and disposal; drilling mud use and disposal; drilling, completion and production operations; hydraulic stimulation; pipeline right of ways; soil use; site emissions and spills; and site abandonment.
  • GEO 316P - Sedimentary Rocks
    Only offered in the summer
    Examines the controls on patterns of permeability, porosity, and capillary pressure in sedimentary deposits. Includes mechanisms controlling the primary production and distribution of permeability and porosity in sedimentary deposits; diagenetic alteration to original permeabilities and porosities associated with deposit burial and heating; and generation and flow of hydrocarbons through sedimentary rocks.
  • LEB 363/370 - Real Estate Law
    Only offered in the summer
    This course examines the legal issues involved in the acquisition, development, management and disposition of real estate. Topics include: offers, purchase and sale agreements, organization of the ownership entity, financing, mortgages, construction, taxation, and leasing.
  • LEB 370 - Oil & Gas Law
    Only offered in the summer
    A study of the law of oil and gas with emphasis on the interests that may be created in oil and gas, the rights of the landowner, provisions in the oil and gas lease, the rights of assignees, and legislation dealing with production and conservation.
  • BGS 370.1 - Energy, Technology and Policy
    Only offered in the fall with this topic
    This class presents students with the background information to understand the broad context of energy production and consumption in the United States and world overall. The class will begin with background material discussing past energy trends and fundamentals of energy and power including the different physical forms in which energy is stored and transformed.