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Research and Faculty

Career Research Excellence Award

IROM Professor Andrew Whinston received the Career Research Excellence Award for his research in information systems and development of a new academic discipline. 

Research and Faculty

Career Achievement Award

Robert Prentice received the Distinguished Career Achievement Award from the Academy of Legal Studies in Business. Prentice is only the third person to receive the award since 2008.

Research and Faculty

No. 5 Worldwide

For the second year in a row, McCombs School of Business faculty were rated the fifth most powerful in the world for research.

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Research and Faculty

Ethan Burris

Burris spent four months working as a visiting scholar at Google headquarters studying how employees speak up. Here's what he learned about the experience.

McCombs School of Business McCombs School of Business

Latest News

Wall Street Journal |
July 4, 2016

New research shows that providers keep their own underperforming funds on the menu too long.


The Atlantic |
April 26, 2016

It's a paradox: Shouldn't the most accomplished be well equipped to make choices that maximize life satisfaction?


Harvard Business Review |
April, 2016

Most consumers don't examine a company's ethical practices, and new research shows they actually look down on those who do.


Research and Insights from Texas Enterprise

In Mergers, Analyst Opinion Changes the Game and the Stock Value - Jonathan Cohn

Stock analysts are supposed to be detached observers of corporate activity, but new research shows their thumbs up or down can affect whether a merger gets completed or torpedoed — and offer opportunities for contrarian investor.

Can You Read a Group? A New Test Will Tell - Caroline Bartel

Most managers can correctly gauge an employee’s emotions one-on-one, but can they do it with a group? Research shows they’re two very different skills, and a new test gives managers insight into how well (or not) they’re reading their own teams.

Should CEOs Still Get Stock Options? - Volker Laux

Stock options fell in popularity after the recession and were blamed for encouraging excessive risk. But in an economic recovery, a bigger gamble might be playing it too safe. A new CEO compensation model explains how to pick the right incentives.

Spotlight Publications

Hammond, Emily; Spence, David B. Vanderbilt Law Review. Jan 2016, Vol. 69 Issue 1, p141-216.

Umashankar, Nita; Srinivasan, Raji; Parker, Jeffrey R. Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice. Winter 2016, Vol. 24 Issue 1, p1-22.

Agarwal, Ashish; Hosanagar, Kartik; Smith, Michael D. Information Systems Research. Dec2015, Vol. 26 Issue 4, p695-713.