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Are you looking for a chance to supercharge your Finance BBA? To learn advanced concepts and tools, strengthen your network, and receive high-quality career guidance? If you are ready to work hard, then the Financial Analyst Program is for you.


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

5:00 p.m.

GSB 3.138

Learn the theory and practice of finance

Master financial concepts at an MBA level; develop understanding of financial markets and the broader financial system; become familiar with the practice of finance through classroom discussion and presentations by industry professionals; learn about insights from academic research

  • Develop and sharpen tools

    Learn advanced valuation tools; master Excel modeling techniques under the tutelage of a modeling expert; gain experience conducting and presenting investment analysis with the guidance of dedicated investment professionals
  • Build your network

    Gain access to a network of 800+ alumni; engage with members of the FAP advisory council and other investment professionals in the FAP orbit; get unique access to internship and full-time job opportunities
  • Receive high-quality career guidance

    Develop a relationship with a devoted mentor from the FAP advisory council; engage with speakers who have achieved success in different finance fields; learn about buy-side recruiting and the pros and cons of an MBA from experts

People and curriculum

Students apply to the Financial Analyst Program in the fall of their junior year. Candidates accepted to the program take FAP Security Analysis (FIN 377.3) in the spring of their junior year and the FAP Practicum (FIN 366P) in the fall of their senior year. These classes are only open to FAP students.

Spring Curriculum

The FAP Security Analysis (FIN 377.3) class provides MBA-level coverage of valuation, financing, business model assessment, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, and more. In addition to covering key concepts underpinning financial analysis, we delve into essential features of financial markets, including the IPO underwriting process, the structure of debt contracts, how corporate bankruptcy works, and the steps involved in a corporate acquisition. Students will apply the tools of financial analysis through Harvard Business School cases and other assignments. We will also use insights from the course to better understand significant recent and current events and trends in financial markets.

Fall Curriculum

The FAP Practicum (FIN 366P) exposes students to financial analysis practice. Approximately half of the class sessions are devoted to outside speakers, many from the FAP Advisory Council. Speakers describe the practice of financial analysis in their areas of expertise, discuss actual investments they have evaluated, offer career advice based on their own experiences, and much more. Talks cover private equity, hedge fund, venture capital investment, distressed investing, undertaking an entrepreneurial endeavor, blockchain/cryptocurrency, and post-graduation recruiting and career planning. Other class sessions are devoted to learning insights about investment from academic research. As part of the practicum, students conduct and present detailed company-level stock analysis with the assistance of assigned investment professionals.

Program Advisory Council

The Financial Analyst Program Advisory Council acts as a source of knowledge about investment practices and trends, a mentoring body, and a conduit for networking and job opportunities. Students get the opportunity to engage with many members of the Advisory Council at the Council’s annual meeting. Advisory Council members also organize informal summer get-togethers in their respective cities for local program alumni and current students interning in the area. Advisory Council Members assist on an uncompensated basis.


There are several reasons why the Financial Analyst Program is an excellent fit for you. Gain experience, expand your network, and learn marketable skills. Prove what you are worth in the financial and investing world!