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Several business casual students networking

Students and Advisory Committee

Meet the best of the best, from our Texas McCombs Investment Advisers who have earned a place among the elite members of their class to the professionals who power our Advisory Committee.

  • Student Fund Managers

    Learn about how to become a Student Fund Manager, different team roles, and how you can enhance your resume through hands-on experience.

Team Roles within Each Sector

  1. Portfolio Managers

    Longhorn Fund & Endowment Fund

    • Develop new strategies and mechanics 
    • Lead sector teams
    • Coordinate communication among managers
    • Act as a liaison between students and faculty
    • Work as summer managers
  2. Risk Managers

    • Analyze fund performance and risk
    • Report performance to investors and advisors
    • Ensure compliance with mandates
    • Execute trades and monitor price targets
    • Maintain databases and brokerage accounts
  3. Recruiting Officers

    • Plan recruiting events
    • Design/develop interview process
    • Connect with the alumni network
    • Website and social media management

Application and Recruiting Process

Find out more about recruiting and how to apply.

Students selected for the Class of 2025 will be announced in mid-October.

Level 1: Submit the Application

Fill out the online application by the September 16th deadline.

Contact(s) for questions: 

Level 2: First Round Interviews

Interviews will be held from September 25-28 and will be scheduled at your designated interviewer's convenience.

What to expect:

  • 25-minute interview with current fund members
  • Mixture of behavioral, technical, and stock pitch questions

Final Level: Second Round Interviews

Interviews will be held October 9-12 and will be conducted by faculty overseeing the fund. Each interview will be about 20 minutes.

Get More Information

Questions about applying or team roles? Contact us to get more information.


2110 Speedway, GSB 5.170C

Austin, TX 78712

Get More Information

Questions about applying or team roles? Contact us to get more information.

2110 Speedway, GSB 5.170C

Austin, TX 78712

What will you gain as a Fund Manager?

Learn asset management and apply that knowledge in our $20M sandbox.


  • Conducting due diligence research
  • Performing risk reward analysis
  • Managing and allocating a portfolio
  • Utilizing database tools, such as Bloomberg Terminal, Cap IQ, and FactSet
  • Access to the TMIA Trading Room

Professional Development

  • Building frameworks to approach a range of investment scenarios
  • Mentorship from industry investors
  • Generating and pitching ideas
  • Public speaking and presentation skills

Fund Speaker Series

Topics include:

  • Wealth management
  • Private equity
  • Hedge funds
  • Mutual funds
  • Impact investing
  • Market making
  • Family offices

Firm Visits & Access to Network

Visit firms and get access to networks such as: 


Recruiters who are looking to hire from a pool of students with the experience to hit the ground running on day one know that the Texas McCombs Investment Advisers is an excellent place to start.