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Apply for the Marketing Fellows Program


  • Resume with “Logan Longhorn” at the top and no accompanying contact details.
  • Two essays (double-spaced, one-inch margins, not exceeding 250 words each) – please do not include your name or contact details in the document itself. 
    • Why are you interested in becoming a member of Marketing Fellows? How does learning more about marketing support your career goals?
    • Share a time when your perspective shifted by engaging with someone with a different experience, culture, or identity than you. How did that impact your work?
  • One short answer (not exceeding 100 words) – please do not include your name or contact details in the document itself. 
    • We are looking for candidates who are not only passionate about marketing, but who also want to be actively involved in improving the Fellows program. Please tell us about a time that you've shown leadership or taken initiative, either in a personal or professional setting. If selected, how would you contribute to or improve the Marketing Fellows organization? A big piece of recruiting is demonstrating your ability to market yourself. In addition to your responses to the questions above, please submit a four-slide Power Point document in PDF format that sells YOU for the Marketing Fellows Recruitment Committee to evaluate.
  • It is strongly recommended to prepare all essays before opening the application. Once submitted, the application cannot be changed.

Statement on Non-Disclosure Agreements

The Marketing Fellows program is designed around real-time company projects. To enhance the quality of these projects and student access to information, many of our partners require Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) so they can provide students a complex and authentic marketing challenge facing the company. Partners may also ask students to relinquish rights to intellectual property developed in the classroom based on intellectual property of our partner company and related derivative works.



  • The program involves a thorough selection process, all in an effort to identify the students who are qualified and committed to pursuing advanced marketing curriculum and leadership skill development. The process includes screening candidates through a resume, an interview and a series of essays.
  • By focusing on student-selected themes, organization members are provided with the opportunity to study and practice unique topics that are not found in the traditional McCombs curriculum, resulting in students that are poised for future leadership positions within the marketing industry.
  • Marketing Fellows Information Session + Networking will be held on September 8, 2022. We will begin with the information session in RRH 4.314 at 5:30 pm, followed by a networking reception in RRH 5.210. Join us to hear about application requirements and network with current Marketing Fellows.