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The International Business Minor

Business has no borders and neither should your degree. Add international business skills to your BBA degree - travel optional!


Designed for BBA students but open to all UT majors, an international business minor allows you to incorporate international business skills into your academic plans without studying or interning abroad. It consists of 15 hours of coursework that a student selects from a variety of international business classes at McCombs, the majority of which are open to all undergraduates. And because an international experience is not required for the minor, it is a flexible addition that works well with any degree plan.



IB Minors complete:

  • International Trade - Typically IB 350 (offered every semester)

IB Minors also complete 12 hours chosen from the following:

  • Global Regulatory Strategy (IB 362)
  • Finance & Global Business (IB 365)
  • International Accounting & Transfer Pricing (IB 366)
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management (IB 367)
  • Global Entrepreneurship (IB 367D)
  • Intercultural Management (IB 367C)
  • Global Value Chains (IB 368)
  • International Finance (I B 376)
  • Intro to Global Finance and Business (IB 372)
  • Procurement & Supplier Management (IB 372)
  • Global Political Economy (BGS 374)
  • Global Marketing (MKT 372.4)
  • Study Abroad Credit (3 hours)

More info on IB courses here.


Applications are non-competitive, but should be completed by April 1st to ensure processing in time for Early Fall Registration and by October 1st to ensure processing in time for Early Spring Registration.

  1. Go to the Registrar Document Submission page for minors.
  2. Enter your EID where indicated, and select "International Business" from the "Field of Study" menu
  3. Click Next to proceed.
  4. Select "International Business" from the "Type" menu.
  5. Confirm your choice and submit the application.

You will receive notification as soon as your application has been processed, at which time you will need to contact your academic advisor and inform them you would like your minor tied to your degree profile.


  • You must be enrolled as an undergraduate at The University of Texas at Austin
  • You must be in good academic standing at the university, with a minimum UT GPA of 3.0
  • Note that students can generally only pursue one minor - please speak to your academic advisor with questions.
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    Students pursing an IB minor are able to take advantage of individualized career coaching from Center staff, as well as the CGB Mentorship Program.


Talk to your academic advisor or make an appointment to meet with a Global Readiness Adviser to discuss your options.