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Huseyin Tanriverdi

Associate Professor

Department:     Information, Risk & Operations Management

Industry Areas:     Information Technology, Software, Telecommunication

Research Areas:     Corporate Diversification Mergers Acquisitions and Divestitures, Information Systems, Knowledge Management

Huseyin Tanriverdi headshot



Professional Awards

Joseph Paschal Dreibelbis Fellowship in Business



Best Published Paper Award at the Organizational Communications and Information Systems Division, Academy of Management



Best Paper of the Year Award at Telemedicine Journal


Huseyin Tanriverdi, Juhee Kwon, and Ghiyoung Im.
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Kazem Haki, Huseyin Tanriverdi, Dorsa Safaei, Marius Schmid, Stephan Aier, and Robert Winter.  Jun 2024. Generativity and Profitability on B2B Innovation Platforms: A Simulation-based Theory Development. 
MIS Quarterly
48(2): 583-611.

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