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Faculty and Research
  • Lillian Mills and John Robinson
    Lillian Mills and John Robinson
    Professor Lillian Mills was awarded the Ray M. Sommerfeld Outstanding Tax Educator Award for her amazing work in education and research, while the ATA has announced Professor John Robinson as president-elect.

Texas Enterprise

Uncovering People's Patterns Pays Big for Social Marketers
Jason Baldridge
James Scott
Destined to Fail: Why No Hospital Was Ready for Ebola
Reuben McDaniel, Jr.
Edward Anderson
Clay Johnston
Risky Business? The Campaign Contributions Politicians Won't Touch
Timothy Werner
5 Truths CEOs Need to Face About the Affordable Care Act
Kristie Loescher
Samuel Richardson
David Warner
Robert Ligon

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Is It Time for Revolution in Health Innovation?

Jan. 23, 11:30am-1:00pm; Clay Johnston
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Leadership and Justice: Managing Rewards at the Top

Feb. 19, 11:30am-1:00pm; Paul B. Woodruff
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The University of Texas prides itself on its faculty’s high caliber of research in every field. In the last two years, UT directed $1.1 billion toward sponsored research. The McCombs School of Business upholds the high standards of the university each year with faculty members receiving prestigious awards within their fields. Faculty members often collaborate with both local and international companies and scholars.

McCombs Research in the News

The Hindu | January 1, 2015

Professor Raj Raghunathan extols the personal and societal benefits of promoting the pursuit of happiness.

Christian Science Monitor | December 17, 2014

Associate Professor Melissa Graebner encourages parents and toy-makers to aim for girls' toys that encourage entrepreneurship without the typical gender stereotypes.

Harvard Business Review | December 16, 2014

Professor Julie Irwin discusses the ethical dangers that can arise from unwavering loyalty to a corporate leader.

Harvard Business Review | November 24, 2014

Assistant Professor Ethan Burris explains why some managers promote employee voice in decision-making while others stifle it.