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BBA Advisory Board

McCombs School of Business McCombs School of Business

BBA Advisory Board

The mission of the BBA Advisory Board is to assist leadership, faculty, and staff of the McCombs School of Business in achieving and maintaining “best of class” status for the undergraduate programs.

Our board members support the program’s strategy planning, curricula, external affairs, alumni engagement, fundraising efforts, and student placement.

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John Briscoe Headshot

John Briscoe


BBA '81

Maria Garate

Maria Garate

Vice Chair

BBA '98

Brandi Kleinman Headshot

Brandi Kleinman

Past Chair

BBA '00

Terese Everson Headshot

Terese Everson

Values Ambassador

BBA '96

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Jim Alfred Headshot

Jim Allred

BBA '86

Benjamin Carpenter Headshot

Benjamin Carpenter

BHP '06

Chandler Chandler Headshot

Cameron Chandler

BBA '83

Brain Chou Headshot

Brian Chou

BBA, MPA '12

Lucas Cutler Headshot

Lucas Cutler

BBA '97

David Druley Headshot

David Druley

BBA '88, MBA '03

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Joe Dubrof

BBA '93

Kasey Dunn Headshot

Kasey Dunn

BBA '99, MPA '99

Amy Enrione Headshot

Amy Enrione

BHP '16

Neal Golden Headshot

Neal Golden

BA '86

David Hesser Headshot

David Hesser

BBA '92

Scott Hill Headshot

Scott Hill

BBA '90, MBA '99

Angela Johnson Headshot

Angela Johnson

BBA '03

Barry Kobren Headshot

Barry Kobren

BBA '84

Fauzul Lakhani Headshot

Fauzul Lakhani

BBA '09

Ashley Loney Headshot

Ashley Loney

BBA '06

Whitney Mack Headshot

Whitney Mack

BBA '08

Angela Moras Headshot

Angela Moras

BBA '08

Angela Morisette Headshot

Angela Morisette

BHP '15

Micheal Pappert Headshot

Michael Pappert

BHP '79

Mandy Price Headshot

Mandy Price

BHP '03, JD '06

Irene Puhala Headshot

Irene Puhala

BBA, MPA '92

Jessica Rancher Headshot

Jessica Rancher

BBA, MPA '02

Jessica Rancher Headshot

Bethany Rolan

BA, BHP '17

Jessica Rancher Headshot

Blake Rowling

BBA '06

Jessica Rancher Headshot

Betty Salanic

BBA, BS '08

Sandeep Shah Headshot

Sandeep Shah

BA '11, BBA '12

Chuck Turret Headshot

Chuck Turet

BBA '98, JD '71

Sean Waggoner

Sean Waggoner

BBA '96

Sai Yeluru

Sai Yeluru

BHP, MIS '18