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Student Spotlight

Image of Alexis Gonzalez, Class of 2020

Alexis Gonzalez, UT ‘20


Being a part of MSS has allowed me to find a community of supportive faculty, staff, and fellow students.

The program has made me more successful in my courses because I take them with other MSS students. It has expanded my network, leadership, and professional development.
Image of Mira McKee, Class of 2020

Mira McKee, UT ‘20

McCombs Success Scholars gave me a home when I was unsure that UT was right for me.

I'm so thankful to the program for providing me with not only resources and connections, but also the feeling that I'm not alone in the struggle of the transition to college. I can't wait to give back to the program by being a MSS mentor next year!

Program Details


McCombs Success Scholars is modeled after our traditional Masters in Business Administration degree which allows students to take their basic core courses with a cohort of students facilitating a learning community for study groups and group projects. Additional benefits include:

  • One-on-one academic advising
  • Access to reserved seats in popular core curriculum classes
  • Cohort classes for your first two years
  • Invites to community building and social events
  • Free tutoring
  • Peer Mentors


Eligible students are invited to participate in the Success Scholar program based on their application to the University of Texas at Austin. There is no separate application for the program. Students are selected through various criteria, including:

  • A demonstrated commitment to learning and leadership development
  • Award of a scholarship or funding that requires program participation in its criteria
  • Educational background, such as high schools that do not typically send students to UT Austin, attending a high school in a smaller or rural city, or the first person in their family to go to college

Cohort Curriculum

The core courses the program focuses on include:

  • UGS 303 (University Core requirement)
  • M 408K & M 408L (the McCombs Calculus requirement)
  • ECO 304K & ECO 304L (the McCombs Economics requirement)
  • BA 101S (required Career & Professional Development course)
  • ACC 311 & ACC 312 (the McCombs Accounting requirement)
  • MIS 301 (the McCombs Management Information Systems requirement)
  • STA 309 (the McCombs Statics requirement)
  • BA 324 (the McCombs oral & written communication requirement)