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McCombs Affiliated Student Organizations

Student Organizations enhance our students' community by providing academic and professional development. They can help you build your resume, gain valuable leadership experience, and give back to the larger university and Austin communities through service and outreach projects. Learn more about our McCombs Affiliated Student Organizations in our MASO Guide: 21-22 MASO Guide

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Student Orgs By Interest

These student organizations are built on a particular area of interest and are appropriate for any McCombs students who share that interest.

Student orgs by interest

  • Business Association of Transfer Students (BATS)
  • Capital Community
  • Consult Your Community
  • (Austin Collegiate) DECA
  • Freshman Launch
  • Texas Blockchain
  • Texas Business Forensics Association
  • Texas Convergent
  • Texas Stock Team
  • 180-Degree Consulting
  • Undergraduate Business Council
  • University Management and Business Research Association (UMBRA)
  • University Securities Investment Team (USIT)
  • Wealth Management Student Organization

Student Orgs By Major

These student organizations' purposes center around their specific majors or certificates.

Student orgs by major

  • American Marketing Association, the University of Texas at Austin Chapter
  • Honors Business Association
  • Management Information Systems Association
  • Supply Chain Management Student Organization
  • University Finance Association

Student Orgs By Cultural Identity

These organizations offer McCombs students a strong sense of identity with their peers while presenting professional, academic, and culturally relevant programming to all students.

  • Asian Business Student Association
  • Association of Latino Professionals For America
  • Black Business Student Association
  • Freshmen Launch
  • Queer Business Student Association
  • Hispanic Business Student Association
  • Latin Economic and Business Association
  • McCombs Diversity Council
  • National Association of Black Accountants, Inc.
  • Women in Business Association

Business Fraternities

Business fraternities promote the interest of individual professions at McCombs while connecting students to long-standing traditions and a large network of brothers and sisters

Student Orgs by Frat

  • Alpha Kappa Psi
  • Delta Sigma Pi
  • Phi Chi Theta