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Business Minor

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Overview of Business Minor

The Texas Business Minor offers UT undergraduates from any discipline the chance to set themselves apart from the crowd and learn finance, management, and other fundamentals at one of the most respected business schools in the nation.

Students enrolled under the 2016 - 2018, 2018 - 2020 and later  UT Academic Catalogs are eligible to earn the Business Minor.  

Students enrolled in the 2014 - 2016 UT or earlier Academic Catalog or earlier should visit our Business Foundations Certificate page

Apply Now

Apply Now

  • Step 1: Apply for the Business Minor here: Business Minor Application
  • Step 2: Select "B A Business Administration" in the drop down menu, and then "Business Minor"
  • Step 3: Begin taking Business Minor courses (You may actually register for the first Business Minor courses before you are officially admitted to the minor). 
  • Step 4: Upon admission to the Business Minor, contact your academic advisor to have the Business Minor added to your degree profile. This is an important step in the process, as a student cannot be awarded the minor at graduation if it has not been added to his or her degree profile!



To earn the Business Minor, students will need to complete the following coursework:
Lower Division courses can be completed in-residence, transferred from other colleges and universities, through University Extensions or satisfied via Credit-by-Exam. Please note registration in upper division BFP courses requires 45 semester hours on the UT record. 

  • MIS 302F - Foundations of Management Information Systems (See the complete list of equivalencies for MIS 302F in the  MIS Equivalency Guide)
  • ACC 310F - Foundations of Accounting (ACC 311 and ACC 312 can substitute if both are taken)
  • FIN 320F - Foundations of Finance (ACC 310F is a pre-requisite for FIN 320F)
  • LEB 320F - Foundations of Business Law (CANNOT be taken abroad)
  • MAN 320F - Foundations of Management 
  • MKT 320F - Foundations of Marketing 

One of the following courses can be used as a substitute for LEB 320F, MAN 320F, or MKT 320F

  • BA 320F - Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • IB 320F - Foundations of International Business

Additional Requirements

Additional Requirements

    • To earn the Business Minor, a student:

      • Must be enrolled in the 2016 - 2018, 2018 - 2020 or later UT Academic Catalog
      • Must have at least a 2.0 overall UT GPA for admission to the minor
      • Must maintain a minimum 2.0 overall Business Minor coursework GPA to graduate with minor
      • Must complete and pass all required minor courses with a letter grade (D- can count as long as the overall Business Minor GPA remains above a 2.0)
      • Must take at least 50% of the Business Minor course work in-residence or through the McCombs Summer Institute (MSI). In-residence DOES NOT include University Extension, Transfer credit, or Credit-by-Exam 
      • Must take NO MORE THAN 50% of the coursework used to satisfy the minor on an approved study abroad program

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to apply to the Business Minor in order to take BFP courses?
    No. All undergraduate UT students who are non-business majors are eligible to enroll in the regular BFP courses.

  2. Can I transfer credit for courses into the Business Minor?
    Other courses cannot be substituted for Business Foundation courses, except for the following: MIS 302F equivalents; ACC 311 AND ACC 312 can substitute for ACC 310F.

  3. What other classes meet the MIS 302F requirement?
    A number of courses fulfill the MIS requirement. For a complete list, see the MIS Equivalency Guide. 

  4. What other classes meet the ACC 310F requirement?
    Credit for both ACC 311 (Financial Accounting) and ACC 312 (managerial Accounting) or their equivalents are required to receive credit for ACC 310F. 

  5. What are the prerequisites for the BFP courses?
    Lower division BFP courses have no prerequisites. Students must have credit for ACC 310F before they can register for FIN 320F. Students must have 60 hours of college credit before they can register for upper division BFP courses. 

  6. Who are the advisors for the Business Minor?
    BFP peer advisors hold office hours each semester - see the Contact Us page for current information. Students can always email questions to the BFP faculty advisor or call 512-232-6748.

  7. Can I use BFP courses toward a business degree at UT?
    No. None of the BFP courses count towards a business degree from UT. The courses are designed for non-business majors only.

  8. Can I take BFP courses on a pass/fail basis?
    If you want to earn the Business Minor, you must take the required courses for a letter grade. You may take the courses pass/fail only if you do not plan to earn the minor. 

  9. Can I take BFP courses in the summer?
    Through our regular summer class schedule, a student can take the six required BFP classes utilizing both first and second summer semester. Check the Summer Enhancement Program website for more information. 

  10. Can courses I take on a study abroad program administered by the UT Study Abroad Office satisfy my Business Foundations/Business Minor requirements?
    Only certain pre-approved study abroad courses count as BFP/Business Minor equivalents. Visit the UT Study Abroad Office's My Credit Abroad (MyCA) database to see if your program has offered any BFP/Business Minor courses in the past. If you wish to take a course abroad that is not pre-approved in the MyCA database, you will need to obtain the syllabus for the program and work with the UT Study Abroad Office to have the course syllabus evaluated in the appropriate department. For example, if you want to see if an MKT course abroad can satisfy your MKT 320F requirement, the Study Abroad Office should send the syllabus to the MKT department and request MKT 320F. If the MKT department declines it, you will need to find a different class to take. Also, please note that the class, Foundations of Business Law (LEB 320F) may not be taken abroad. 

  11. Can courses I take on a study abroad program that is NOT administered by the UT Study Abroad Office, a.k.a. "Non-UT program", satisfy my Business Foundations/Business Minor requirements?
    If you would like to request business minor credit for a course taken on a non-UT study abroad program that you think is equivalent to one of the courses listed on this page, you may fill out a petition on the Business Minor Course Equivalency Petition website. Keep in mind that courses taken abroad on a non-UT program will be considered as transfer credit and that at least 50 percent of Business Foundations course work must be taken in-residence or through the McCombs Summer Institute. In-residence does NOT include University Extension, transfer credit, or credit-by-exam. 

  12. I am an actuarial science major. Do I have to take FIN 320F, or will FIN 357 count as an equivalent to FIN 320F?
    For actuarial science majors, FIN 357 counts towards the BFP certificate. You do not need to take FIN 320F. When you request your certificate, note your actuarial science major in the comments section. 

  13. I am an economics major in the Business Economics Option Program (BEOP). Do I have to take FIN 320F, or will FIN 357 count as an equivalent to FIN 320F?
    For BEOP economics majors, FIN 357 counts toward the BFP certificate. You do not need to take FIN 320F. When you request your certificate, note your participation in BEOP in the comments section. 

  14. I took a business law class at another college. Can I count my "LEB 3 HRS" transfer credit as LEB 320F?
    No, "LEB 3HRS" transfer credit is for a lower division course. You need to have transfer credit for LEB 323 or LEB 320F to have it count towards the BFP certificate. 

  15. Will a Business Minor document automatically be sent to me when I complete the entire program satisfactorily?
    No. There is no Business Minor document; the credential will be automatically applied to your transcript upon graduation once you have applied, been accepted, linked the credential to your degree profile, and successfully completed all requirements. 

  16. When will my Business Minor appear on my UT transcript?
    Once you graduate from UT, your credential will appear on your official transcript. It will not appear on your transcript any time before then - even if you complete the courses a semester or two before you graduate. 

  17. What is the difference between the BFP certificate and the Business Minor? 
    The certificate is only available to students graduating under the 14-16 and earlier catalogs. All students in later catalogs will pursue the Business Minor. 

  18. What is the Business Minor worth to employers or an MBA program?
    The Business Minor is an enhancement to your major and sets you apart from job candidates that do not have business course credit. It demonstrates to potential employers that, in addition to knowledge of your major, you have a foundation of business knowledge that you can bring to your job. The courses will typically meet the prerequisite requirements for many MBA programs. 

  19. Are BFP Courses available elsewhere?
    The University's Extension Division regularly offers Business Foundations courses. If you plan to earn the Business Minor, no more than three non-residence courses may be substituted for BFP courses taught in the McCombs School of Business. Non-residence courses include those taken through University Extension (UEX), transferred from other institutions, or credit-by-exam. See the Automated Transfer Equivalency System to verify transfer credit. UEX courses are factored into the student's UT GPA. 

  20. I am a graduate student. How do I register?
    On the first day of class, please bring a letter from your graduate advisor (on UT letterhead) stating that this class is required for your program of study to CBA 2.400. We'll accommodate based on course availability up until the fifth class day. 

Course Equivalency Petition

If you would like to request business minor credit for a course that you think is equivalent to one of the courses listed on this page, you may fill out a petition on the Business Minor Substitution Request website.